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In 2015 26 countries were identified as having part of their population living in below the poverty line.  The poverty line at the time meaning they live off less than $1.90 per day.


I obtained this data from however this is limited to official returns submitted.  In 2014 36 countries were identified as more data has been collected.

Here are the 26 countries will the number of people in millions that are living on $ 1.90 or less per day in 2015.  This is the same data shown in the map above.


Let’s focus on Indonesia

In 2015 Indonesia had 19.3 million people living on under $1.90 a day

“Indonesia’s national poverty line is set at consumption outlays of Rp 302,735 (US$25) per month per person–about 82 cents a day.”


Okay I can already hear you say ‘I thought this post was a good news story?” well stick with me because we are getting there

Average Payout per Steemit Post

Over the last few months I have been tracking the average pay out per post.  Taking every post, but excluding comments, in the month of October the average pay out per post was $2.20

You can check out the last report here

That’s well above the Indonesian poverty line of 82 cents. Does this mean that a person in Indonesia could lift themselves out of poverty with Steemit? Now this is good news.

Looking at the Steemit Data

I connected to Steemsql held and managed by @ arcange  and I pulled all the rows from the comments table where the data is between 1 Nov and 14th Nov and where the category or one of the tags is Indonesia

For this two week period, there were 4787 unique authors of posts (not comments) using the category or tag Indonesia.  These authors posted 61,570 posts with a total pay out value of $123,111.  The average daily pay out for this tag/category averages at $8,793 and the average post value is $2.

This daily average of $8,793 @ 82 cent per person would lift 10,723 out of the local poverty line a day.  Awesome.  An average post value of $2 would lift authors reaching this above the global poverty line of $1.90


 Let me explain these charts.  On the top is a breakdown of the 61,570 posts.  

• Posts labelled No Contribution have earned nothing. 

• Posts labelled Contribution have earned less than 82 cents and therefor only made a contribution to the author. 

• Posts labelled above local poverty are posts that have earned between 82 cents and $1.89, taking the authors earnings above the local poverty line  

• Posts labelled above global poverty are posts that earned $1.9 or more taking the authors earnings on the post to above the global poverty line 

The bottom chart shows how many authors had posts in each payment category.  Although 36% of authors have a post with no pay out, many of these authors have further posts with pay outs.  In fact only 16% of authors have no pay outs, some of which are down to content being down voted due to spam, plagrisim and other reasons.

The table below shows the steemains using the Indonesia tag or category sorted by the total post payout for that steemain for the two weeks in question


The same data, but this time sorted by average payment per post



Steemit has the ability to reach millions of people around the world that are living below the global poverty line.  Indonesia being a perfect example.  Within a 2 week period, 27% of authors within this tag have earned more that the local poverty line with one or more posts.  This is true prof that together we can attack global poverty with Steemit.

This post is the first post in the series of Steemit Good News stories backed up with data.  Steemit is such an awesome platform and the possibilities are endless.  The blockchain data holds a lot.  It holds some ‘dark’ stuff and some ‘suspicious’ stuff.  But it also holds huge amounts of awesome stuff, stuff that makes a different. Stuff I want to spend some time focusing on.  This series will post the good news stories behind the data on Steemit

To start with, just before completing this article I went over to #Indonesia and I upvoted a number of posts with a $2 vote.  Why?  Because I could with the thanks of delegation I have received from @stellabelle and @fulltimegeek

Here are some of the posts I curated

You can make a difference too.  Hope over to #Indonesia and shown them some support. Help attack global poverty with your Steemit Vote.

 I am part of a Steemit Business Intelligence community. We all post under the tag #BIsteemit. If you have an analysis you would like carried out on Steemit data, please do contact me or any of the #bisteemit team and we will do our best to help you... You can find #bisteemit  on discord 


Very true, I live in Venezuela, we are going through an atrocious crisis and people live on less than $ 10 a month. Here in Steemit there are many Venezuelans, and the few dollars that are earned here are many more, many more, than what the doctors, lawyers, and other professionals earn.

Steemit can definitely take people out of poverty, I know several of them.

That's a great comments it's a great [email protected]👍

this is the sort of good news i like to hear. Thank you for this comment

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i think that the 'real' poor people in the undeveloped and developing countries do not own a computer and do not have access to internet.

but anyway.. I do agree that its great there are new ways that people can make some money online ;)

Interesting ;)

Thank you so much for this article! One of the biggest reasons why I'm on Steemit and believe in the platform so much is because it can be such a powerful tool to fight poverty, exactly as you described. I'm really happy it's gaining traction in countries like Indonesia, and we can only hope it spreads to more poor countries and gets to change the lives of people who need this technology the most.

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That is fantastic to see your have attention to make analisys about indonesia steemian like that.. By the way, i am from indonesia.
Appreciate, your analisys very useful. Hope i can make something like that. But not sure where i can get data to proof analisys.

you can get data from steemsql #steemsql

I will try to search and make good quality post when i have i time later. Thanks for info

what a good post! data analysis is really an interesting field

i think you will be interested in this @paulag
this is a project built by @tarekadam where people get rewarded for doing good ;)

such a very big chance to fight poverty and for more perspectives! lets spread this idea all over the world..we need a change straight away now..

Very good article that can show the potential of blockchain technology in world economy, and how we can erase financial inequalities between countries of the world.

Thank for this post !! Lets work on ending world issues together , all in

@paulag, this is a brilliant article you wrote and it proves that with some initiative any one can make a difference. I am still very new on Steemit and still finding my way, but I love what you are doing.

That is great analysis and you're right about the average earnings in Indonesia . A single upvote not necessary from the whales is able to to help some people go a long way.

Good point.

really good story. thanks for your post. great

Thank you @paulag , nice to read this post, I am from Indonesia

Wow... Amazing Indonesia.

Thank you very much Ms. Paulag
your already curated my interduce post.
it's my honorable😊

Thanks you information

Heya @paulag,

Helping out real-world problems with the block chain. This is really interesting to see that Steemit can help ease poverty, and bring many above the line. Sometimes I forget how truly blessed I am, and how other people don't have it as well off.

Makes me step back and appreciate. Thanks for this,
<3 shello

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Thanks @paulag for this helpful analysis. What proportion of Indonesia’s poor could be helped by having access to SBDs? If it is small, here is an idea to ponder.

In Steemland there are several people with multiple thousands of Steem (in one or more of its forms) that they obtained mostly by being active when the initial mining stage was underway (I understand). Might a few of them donate various sums from their “Steem holdings” to a well-positioned Indonesian so that a charitable service of some kind (for health care, food, etc.) be set up?

Once it is set up there is a prospect of having other agencies contributing to keep the service afloat for many years. The good publicity and marketing this would bring to the Steem community would be fantastic, I think.

the idea of business intelligence is to get insights so that action can be taken. You have suggested such a good action and yes the good publicity would very much help steemit.

It would be very nice of some whales could get together to do this

I think you have a good point, decentralized application on the blockchain like Steemit can help millions of people.

I think this is a point we HAVE to care about here on steemit.
Intersting about the post is that there's a lot of information I didn't exaclty know, for example how much is the "poverty line" and where there are more people livng below it. Thanks for you research about it.
With steemit we do have the possibility to make a better living for some people (this means that may allow some people to buy some food for them and their family, not some Ferrari).
The fact is that,as usual, statistics can tell us some information, but not all the informations. If we have someone receiving 400$ per post and other then receiving nothing, the average is 40$ per post. What I want to say is that, as you invited, we should take more care about whom steemit can make a really inportant difference in life. Let's curate the tags, not randomly, but with meritocracy. We are not spendig a dollar in this, we are just giving upvotes!

"Let's curate the tags, not randomly, but with meritocracy. We are not spendig a dollar in this, we are just giving upvotes!"

I fully agree

@paulag you have a great idea. i really appreciate your kind efforts. best of luck. have a nice day

@paulag - being able to contribute directly in improving the lives of people from all around the world was one of the reasons why I wanted to join Steemit and become part of the community. I hope information like this will motivate and inspire more people to jump in and get involved. Excellent post and a great way for bisteemit to use the power of data to spread positive energy and goodwill to the rest of the steemians!

interesting data to read..regards from indonesia

Dear @paulag, a great post indeed! I am so surprised that South Africa was not included! According to the Stats.SA report, we have 55 million citizens, of which 30.4 million people live below the poverty line! The un-employment figures will blow your mind and I wonder if you could possibly do an analysis on this? Your post Upvoted as usual! Blessings

Great post. Blockchain will be the best technology to disribute the wealth. It is amazing how many people steemit already have literally saved.

keep steeming, keep saving :-)

haha I will :D

Appreciate your article , but the stats provided Are flawed and inaccurate , the poverty figures are extremely misleading and the stats about people’s earnings does not even include many of the war ravished zones of today ie Syria , Iraq , aghghsnistan , Sudan , Yemen ..... if people are able to post on steemit everyday , they must have access to the internet and be able to post .... many many many millions of people barely know what the internet or a computer is .... steemit is good but to suggest that they can really help with poverty is ambitious . They can really help poverty if they created cryptos and user blockchain technology to fund the millions of people that Are homeless ........I thank you for your article though

yes the stats only include countries that have submitted the correct returns

That’s not what I meant .... the stats are intended to deceive people into thinking that all is well in countries the United States n NATO allies wage war . The countries themselves don’t submit those figures .... that’s compiled

I connected to Steemsql held and managed by @ and I pulled all the rows from the comments table where the data is between 1 Nov and 14th Nov and where the category or one of the tags is Indonesia

typo in there ;-)

fixed, thanks :-)

Let's get the WORLD out of poverty! #DecentralizeIt!!

Thank you for that information Paulag

www news that shocked me when I saw Indonesia's number one poverty boleb said so ... thank you for sharing very good information

Hey, very cool data. But you seem to not calculate that people (to take your example indonesia) need to be able to access steemit as well, and the question is how many people do actually live below the poverty line and have internet access at the same time ? Or dosen't that seem plausibe (= if you have internet access in such a country you probably have higer earnings or some kind of job). Anyways I think the important part of steem is that it has to outgrow facebook and alike to really be able to help people make communities on the blockchain so you canhave actual friends that you upvote. Consider reading a book by Jason Hickel - The Divide. If not there is a good interview with him

Thank you very much for the information. I am shocked to see my name at number 3 in Indonesian data ...
Greetings of friendship @paulag

greetings to you too. are you from Indonesia?

Yeah right, I'm from Indonesia, if there's time to visit Indonesia ..
Thank you very much @paulag

maybe you would be interested in doing a followup post. A post that shares how much difference steemit has made to your life as an Indonesian. A post we could share with some whales to help get them to curate the Indonesian tags?

what do you mean i have to make a post, about what i have given steemit to me, and i must ask for help from whale to continue to support me and indonesia tags, sorry if i mistaken in understand your intention

no, but I see how it could be taken that way and I do apologies if I offended you.

What I mean is, if steemit could really help the people of indonesia it would be better said from someone there than me. I am hoping that whales will pick up on stories like this and curate more from the tag.

I am just trying to raise awareness of how steemit can help, and I guess I was looking for your help in doing that?

I am not offended by what you say, but the limitations of the language that sometimes occur misunderstanding, because I use Google translation

my personal saying thank you very much for steemit media that has changed my life to be better,

I have seen a lot of posts already in the community referring to this post. I do hope they get noticed.

Steemit on :-)

The poverty line at the time meaning they live off less than $1.90 per day.

You are talking about absolute poverty here (and the UN puts it at 2$ btw.)

It is important to be clear and distinguish to relative poverty.Someone with 10$ a day in the US is not absolute poor, but relative.

valid point.

Guau what amazing statistic to watch the powerfull of help steemit could changed the world, and fight to less poverty, in spanish tag too help to people in venezuela which have similar problems.
Best [email protected]

thanks for you comment, yes steemit could change the world

That's a interesting I appreciate your post @paulag

It's true. I saw posts coming from Nigeria, on how steemit really helped them. This is why I'm happy to have steemit.

Yes i have done some work with a few from that reigon. Steemit is awesome

Bless you with your contribution.
#steemit is really great!

amazing post. keep it up brother.

Exciting news! Thank you for sharing.

Paula I just found this post from @clixmoney on and I love it! I am including it in my favorite Steem posts!

@jerrybanfield cheers! However you might find this post even better and something you could probably help to promote the idea more

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I definitely agree on this. I have a friend who hardly go to school because of financial crisis but because of #steemit she already can sustain her education. Steemit really help.

I think this story is very accurate and beautiful

Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

Wow... I never knew most of these things up until now... The community is really changing lives out there. I'm happy to belong here. Nice post... Very nice one

viewed, voted, commented, and re-steemed ...

anyone follows me i'll follow back within a few days

excellent information that has been shared, a very well done work, I just share it on facebook and trwitter so that many more people know it and can take advantage of this opportunity.

A meritocracy without borders :)
Free, instant remittances back home for those working overseas has to be really helpful too.
You missed an 'O' in proof.

Very interesting and worked article, congratulation. I do agree that with the blockchain technology, the people that really wants to help with the problems that many countries worldwide confronts, can really help, without the interference of third parties that want to make profit for themselves, like the banks, for example.
I hope many people will help those in need in #Indonesia.

extraordinary and successful analysis, I would add that steemit provides opportunities for productive inclusion for people with dicapacidades and even retirees.

Great and inspiring post💡 so thanks🌼 I'm sensing that the crypto movement is humans protecting themselves from evil and greedy central bankers so we can all co-create and build a most awesome future for all humans on planet Earth. Greetings from South Africa🐞and thanks for caring.

Thank you for all this info! Sometimes we forget we all can make the difference! I'll keep #Indonesia in mind and pay close attention to your posts. Resteeming also!

This is a very enlightening post and and a unique way of presenting the opportunity from Steemit. I am from Philippines and I see that my country is the 4th in your list with 8.50 M people living below USD 1.50 or less per day. I was tempted to compare in terms of percentage the numbers in Indonesia compared to Philippines based on each latest estimated population for each country and I found out that my numbers are 8.4% for Philippines (Total Population 104.9 million) as compared to 7.4% for Indonesia (pop: 261 million). But again, it is wrong to interpret the number of poor people living below the USD 1.90 or less per day as a mere number in statistics.

My observation for Philippines (maybe it is also true for Indonesia) is that majority of those people that live below USD 1.90 do not have luxury to use the internet. Coupled with our slow and expensive internet, those 8.5 million Filipinos would be knocked out in the first round. I would like to relay that the average cost of one day mobile internet maybe about ~USD 0.30, so take that from USD 1.90 what would be left? I would say that those millions of people that are part of the numbers presented in your table would not care to use Steemit as they are busy looking to augment their income higher than USD 1.90 everyday.

Do not get me wrong, I love Steemit. This a very novel idea. I love it the first time I heard it from my daughter from the University. I immediately registered and was aching to have my account approve. This is my first comment ever and I hope to be more engaging to other people's posts that are relevant from my views.

My message is that, as of the moment I see that Steemit would be relevant to help the middle class and millennials. It would be too much to ask the author to make a separate study for middle classes as it would be more complicated. But this is as well eye opening and there might be another person who will continue the study. Cheers! new site 100 GH/s for start on mining Bitcoin proof payment 100% im testing from myself

Very very interesting! Great!

People who live on such low money do not have internet and computers !
they often live far from an internet cafe.
and if they do go online, they probably never heard of steemit.

Very interesting approach. This has just opened up a world of possibilities in my head!

One possibility - given that most poor people in under-developed countries don't have access to computers or the internet - is that people could form small groups, with the most computer savvy person gathering / recording / writing content on behalf of friends - for a share of the earnings. Video content could be great too - especially if these peoples' stories are documented and if their changes and tracked.

Thanks for sharing. I'm following you to see more such insights.

Great info post thx gor sharing but i would like to know about my country pakistan .i think about 45% of people are

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