dragginator marketplace for virtual dragon eggs

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The marketplace for dragon eggs

The marketplace helps you to find dragon eggs from users who want to sell their eggs. You can purchase dragon eggs using your Bismuth wallet.

dragg overview.png

What determines the price of a dragon egg?

You can sell your egg for how much bis you want. You need to consider the following when determining a price for your egg.

  1. Is your egg a special egg?
  2. What is its rarity value? (the higher the better)
  3. What are its capacities? (the higher the better)

drag sell egg.png


Dragginator Introduction - https://steemit.com/blockchain/@bitsignal/z7reak3a
Dragginator Website - http://dragginator.com/
Dragginator Marketplace help - http://dragginator.com/market_how.php
Bismuth Wallet - https://github.com/hclivess/Bismuth/releases
Bismuth Explorer - http://bismuth.online/
Official Bismuth Site - https://bismuth.cz/


That video it's like a tutorial for this game :), i liked the way how you explained all the details around this game i mean so clear, what do you think about the popularity of this game in some more months. Regards

It actually could take off when eggs hatching and dragon breeding happens. So, keep on checking back!

Thanks for your answer. Regards

Is this game just for men?

Certainly not, you just need some bismuth cryptocurrency and you are ready to play.

the games are getting interesting with crypto need to check this out today :D

It is also about owning something on an immutable blockchain.

That's very right !!!

Hi! Do you already have your dragon eggs? what eggs do you have? There are many people playing this game?

Yes I own some eggs. On certain occasions you get special eggs. Right now, you can have special soccer World Cup eggs. At this point, there are more than 1400 eggs in circulation.

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