Dragginator is a blockchain based collectible virtual pets game

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What is Dragginator?

Dragginator launched their virtual pet site based on the Bismuth blockchain. The Dragginator Eggs are virtual animals which can be raised and bred in the future.

How to purchase an dragginator egg?

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Eggs token can be won with Eggpool.net or Bismuth, more details coming.
In any case, you can always buy a Dragginator Egg with a few Bis.

Send 1 $EGG (the token) or 5 Bis launch offer: 1 Bis only to our address: 9ba0f8ca03439a8b4222b256a5f56f4f563f6d83755f525992fa5daf

Current dragginator status

Currently you can purchasea dragginator Egg, and you get:

  • A static 3D rendering of your Egg
  • Its custom Abilities radar chart
  • It's rarity

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Some future features

  • Ownership transfer
  • Eggs hatching
  • Marketplace
  • Draggons breeding
  • Draggons interactions


For updates the check the official Dragginator website: https://dragginator.com/

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I didn't know this game @bitsignal, it looks fun to play and better to other similar games, because you have more details and a 3D, i'm gonna try it for sure. Regards

It will be fun as soon as you are able to breed your dragons.

This is important information and offerings, I just got the information through your video, thank you for sharing.

No problem, a cryptokitties competitor is aways worth investigating. :)

pretty cool to know about this seeing it for the first time thanks for telling about it in details :) checking it out

For anyone interested in blockchain gaming it is worth it checking it out.

wow, excellent! that is to make dreams come true. I imagine raising my own dragons, allusive. Thank you @bitsignal

Think about it, some generation one cryptokitties kittens rose tremendously in value on a blockchain where transaction were expensive. On Bismuth transactions are cheap, which means that trading eggs will be a lot more likely because of inexpensive transactions.

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Hello there @bitsignal
Checked my latest blog and seen you were on top of the list on the upvotes so checked you out and acknowledge one of your posts. I have seen the word pets. I am kinda aware what they mean here on your post and would introduce this one to my mom since she's so addicted with tagged.com pets game. 18-20 hours per day in front of the PC is no joke!

Doing that kind of game with no income at all? Gosh! So I'll definitely check on this. Resteemed!