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She is a star
An angel
Not just a girl
But a personality sent to make a difference
A personality full with life
A personality that gives hope to the hopeless
A personality aiming to be better

They did tried to stop her
They did try to her held back but they couldn't
For her shine is like a sun and it smelt then all away
She is here today to celebrate another year of her being a survivor
Of her being a fighter
Of her being a victor
She is me and I am her

Mother earth may haven't been that fair to me but I am grateful to God for his love and kindness to see this day. I am plus one today and I want to scream it out to the whole world.
Blessed be the lucky egg and sperm that formed me

I remain @prechyrukky. Don't forget to attend my birthday bash today by 7:00pm prompt GMT+1 at blockchainchapel discord server

There will be lot of freebies. Thank you as you honour my invitation

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See as ur face fresh like zobo.
Happy birthday to the blockchain Tigress, age will grace


Thank you dear

Congratulations baby girl and happy birthday to you.

Keep being amazing and posting great contents.

All the best.

Courtesy: @julietisrael


Thanks so much I appreciate

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