A Steemit Birthday for Gilaine. (Posted by her boyfriend)

in birthday •  last year

Hello Everyone!

I am Rob @rcarter.witness, and today is Gilaines Birthday.

While she is still asleep, I would like to try and muster up as many Happy Birthdays from around Steemit as possible.


Would you be so kind, and leave a greeting to her?

This would make her day, and be the first birthday she has had since coming to Steemit.

Much Appreciation,

Rob Carter

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Happy Birthday Dear, wish you all the best in life! @purepinay. Such a sweet gesture by your boyfriend

Happy birthday @purepinay!!!
Have a good one! Enjoy your special day!
miss youuuuuuu

Here's the gift from Captain @schamangerbert and from jologs kapitbahay hehehe

Thinking of you girl!:)))


Thank you sis! Amushi more! I visited our dearest schaman, I will watch the video soon.

Thank you for sharing this here. ^_- I love you kapatid! XOXO

I tried to upload a GIF but it's just nightmarish! LOL I'll try again next time. haha KITKAT TIME

Talk soon! <3 TC Always!


mishuuu too! cge ok lang gorabels muna dyan!!
Enjoy lang, okies lang kami dito nangingisda hehe

misyeah love yeah!!!


Where are you?????

Check this out soooo cute!!! MINIONS!!! Especially for you guys!!

Happiest birthday dear @purepinay! That was so sweet of you Rob @rcarter.witness, getting a steemit brigade to greet Gil on her special day.

Have a blast girl! :)


Thank you, Arlin! <3

This is such a cute gesture @rcarter.witness! :)

Happiest Birthday, Gil! ^^

Be happy and may you achieve your heart's desires!
Stay pretty inside and out!
Love lots!!!! (^3^)


Thank you dear! <3

Happy birthday to Gilaine!!

She is always such a uplifting and positive person!!
It's always wonderful to receive a comment from @purepinay!!
She puts a big smile on Papa-Bear's face, every time!!
Have an amazing Birthday!! :-D


Thank you! ^_-

Love you Papa Bear!


Aww shucks. Your welcome!!
Love you right back!! :-D


now that was quick! Lunch time already? ^_- How are you?

I am going back to Cebu in two days, mixed emotions LOL although I am very much looking forward to going home. Hehe


I'm retired, no vacations for me, retirement is full time!!
Enjoy your time at home in Cebu!! You are much loved my friend!!
How was your Birthday!! :-D


you're on full vacation then! ^_-

Thank you! That makes me feel better.

I will, I have my two bubahs. Hopefully I can convince my sister to stay with for a few weeks, she flew from another island to babysit my kittens. ^_-

My Birthday was great. Basically, celebrated my birthday for the full month of October, lol. Thank you for asking. =D

How's golf life doing?

Am in Bangkok now, will do a little bit more shopping for my Nana and my Mom. Maybe, I 'll get a pair of gym shoes too for my self, Hehe

Talk soon!


Maligayang Kaarawan! I hope that is right lol.


Tama! ^_- Now, you'll learning Tagalog ha haha

Thank you, Mark! <3

Hello, Steemians!



Happy Birthday! That's awesome, hope she had a brilliant day with lots of smiles and contentedness.


Enjoy your Birthday Pretty! Missshuuuuu! mwahh


hahaha talgang ginalingan pati sa cake!! haha


Hahaha! Poor baby, too much sugar! haha

Thank you beb mwah! <3

Maligayang kaarawan po!! :-)



Wow! I love the colors! Thank you for this! ^_-


Happy birthday to the princess...

My best greetings to a wonderful Steemian, I wish you lots of power to fulfill your dreams and stay funny as always! (From Germany)


Hello my dear, Shaman!

Thank you! I am so lucky to have so many wonderful Steemian friends! <3

The wheat is waving from down the plain from you dear!
Best of wishes to you from the GREAT STATE OF OKLAHOMA!


Wow sarap nman nyan. Just the looks itself seems sooo sarap 😄

Happy Birthday Gilaines

I wish you all the best in the world

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haha! thank you to you ^_- HAPPY!!!

Happy birthday Gilaine.


aw! thank you, Juvy!

Really Happy!


Yes, Really Happy times 5 hehe

Thanks, July!

Many many happy returns of the day Gillaine 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎆🎇🎇🎇


aw! Thank you! I love emoticons ^_- Thank you dropping by XOXO

Happy birthday from Israel:)


sweet! thank you... Israel! ^_-

Happy birthday @purepinay


Thank you, dear! see ya soon!

Wish you Happy birthday Gilaine...🎂🎂🎂

Happy Birthday and you meet many years next to the community of Steemit

Happy Birthday @purepinay 🎊🎈 enjoy and have a blast! 💕

Upvoted and also resteemed :)

Happy birthday Gilaine! I hope it's a good one

Happy birthday Gilaine

awh! ang sweet naman! happy birthday maam @purepinay! May everyday bring something new and exciting for you, may this birthday turn out to be as wonderful as you.God bless!

HAPPYbirthday Gillaine :)

Happy birthday to her! ❤️

Happy Birthday....@purepinay
I have chosen you. please upvote @ bustamam. send regards for success

Happieee bday dear wish you, you alive a happy life for long time

WOW... I hope this day is good :)))

Happy, Happy :D

Happy Birthday Gilaine!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday @purepinay!!

All that drive and passion! I should have known you'd be a Scorpio.

I hope you had an amazing birthday 🎂🎂🎂

woww ... of course I want to. i like your post.

Happy birthday and many more!

Happy birthday @purepinay

happy birthday Gilaine stay beautiful inside and out <3 A lot of people loves you <3 Keep shining ^_^


HapPy BirthDay gilaine.. :)

That was sweet. :)
Happy birthday Gilaine! :D

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Happy birthday! Have an amazing day :)

Happy birthday Gilaines....I am happy for this post and keep it up

hello., belated happy birthday to her.. wish her a good health and more fruitful years to come..

Happy birthday Gilaine. I hope you had fun yesterday.

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That's hella of the cake :P

as usual I'm late to the party - happy b-day hope you have many more

happy bday madam ^_^


Salamat po! Sarii nabusy hehe

Happy bday @purepinay..your so lucky to have a boyfriend like rcarter.witness his a nice guy..and very kind person..

wish you all the best..

aww so cute! happy birthday! x

The view looks lovely, did you have a lot of fun. I like your work.very good the sceneries,
@purepinay you just earned a vote and a follower

Happy Birthday @purepinay

happy birthday
This wonderful post upvote from @mamun-net

Hey Gil, this is a late greeting. I wish you the best! Thanks for all the love and support to the community.

Hey Rob, you're doing great keep it up!

Happy Birthday @purepinay!

First time writing to you! Cheers


I've followed you.....keep up the interesting post and wish you the best steems ever! UpVoted!😎


Aw! thank you!

Welcome to Steemit! How do you want me to call you? ^_- just Dj?

I look forward to your very first introduction post ^_-


Its late but Best wishes for her !

that cake looks soooooyummy..

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