Happy Birthday My Brother From Another Mother @Joshuaetim

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Do you know who's Joshua Etim. If I say he's one of the finest young man on Steemit, I lot of people will argue so I'll just show you the picture cause photos do lie (so, they say)

A lot of people here have expected this post about 18 hours ago because they all know how far Joshua and I have gone in this life.

I'm not here to write the deeds of this man, I'll say them at his wedding which is very soon. But if you are curious to learn a few things about Joshua and his journey on the Steem blockchain, you can read his post here.

Joshua and I have come a long way. I first met him in 2011 when we were attending a Jamb training class with brain Drillers. So, I came across this very intelligent dude in biology class who seems to understand everything about biology and the brain. Well, I didn't care about him till the girl I was having an eye for starting following him to learn more, and then love develop. Joshua, what was her name again, I think it was Peace or something.

Well, I wasn't very jealous, I just picked another girl but decided to be a friend to the dude who took my crush from under my nose. And boom, the bond of brotherhood was developed. We grew up in the next seven years to be the best of pals.

We've studied together, pursue money together, hunted girls together. What exactly have we not done together. And in January when I left the naval exercise camp, I called him and he told me to pack my things and join Steemit. I won't forget the exact words he used

Ikpa, there's this blogging site called spinit (well, that was what first heard before I became to know it's Steemit), it's a site you can blog and you get rewarded. I know you Etiese, you will do very well on the platform. Just check it out.

Ever since then we've gone together to carry out so many projects together on Steemit both offline and online.

  • Two southern kings in the north

  • Preaching Steemit in Nasarawa and sharing books to kids

  • Sharing books to children in my hometown.

  • Flying this Steemjet together

  • Sometimes the flight will involve some beer

So today I celebrate you the man with a big heart. I pray you many more years of extraordinary achievement on this earth. Stay strong, stay alive, stay happy brother


I had to go through this post three times, not because I wanted to, but because within the words above contain other deeper things of life some may not easily see. As beautiful, sweet and humorous the above story is, beneath it is where pain, love, trust, sleepless nights, triumphs, excellence, hardwork, sacrifice, success, struggles, understanding, forgiveness, joy, endurance, commitment and purpose has survived.

We've studied together, pursue money together, hunted girls together. What exactly have we not done together?

I was just laughing to tears when you talked about my wedding day, hahaha, how about the house I'm planning to buy for you at Ikoyi with your future wife. Well, we'll put a $1000 dollars bet on who will get married first, if I get married first before you, you'll pay me $1000. If you do before me, I'll pay you $1000. Deal?

You were right when you jokingly told @jeline that you'll take down 10 men on my behalf and you've always been there. Thank you so much brotherly, you've not only been a blessing to my life, you've been an inspiration.

And that reminds me, yes, you got the name correct. Her name is Peace, she ended up finishing from a private university in Ondo state where she studied Microbiology.

Thank you for this amazing piece, and thank you for being a brother. You know I don't love you, I'm actually looking for a word stronger than love.

Well, we'll put a $1000 dollars bet on who will get married first, if I get married first before you, you'll pay me $1000. If you do before me, I'll pay you $1000. Deal?

I'll comment on this first. I think I'll start looking for a girl pretty soon if someone is putting together a 1000sb dollar as a wedding gift for us.

You know I don't love you, I'm actually looking for a word stronger than love.

May the Lord be on our side and our friendship shall be a blessing to the world.

@lordjames please do and marry oo, me I just want to eat wedding rice and dance one conrner on that day.

see this one...you'll be the MC

Yes ooo..
As long as it's for them...

Happy birthday josh

Thank you once again brother, I appreciate

Happy birthday dear,eeehhhhh Lordjames wch wedding are u talking about????

I don't even know but I know this is an awesome prewedding photo.


😂 chai @lordjames has given you everything... What are friends for.... I wish to have a friendship like this someday.

Hahaha @jesse12, including wife I guess. Once Lordjames officially recommends any woman to me, I'll marry her asap

Thank God the beans i was cookong wasn't yet cooked, when the truth came out oo..
I can't wait oo 🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺.

Heaven knows I won't miss it for anything.

You guys are not serious lol

Hahaha, thank you dear @kristenantai01, I hope Lordjames gave you response to your question

Wow you guyz have so many pictures together. He's actually a fine young man ;)
Happy birthday dear Joshua Etim. Long life and properties

Thank you dear, I appreciate

Happy birthday brother...my journey with him started in 2011 too. Many words cannot describe you enough but awesome says it all.

Thank you so much @jazicothyrus, I'm honoured by your words

Respect to the bond you guys share...

Much respect ma'am

Hello @lordjames
Wishing @Joshuaetim happy birthday once again...wishing you long life and prosperity bro, more funds to your wallet
Thank you @lordjames for sharing i hope your project for the school is going well?

For now it's more of talking and getting a good and affordable carpenter to handle the desks. We'll start working next week.

Thank you so much @vickyrich, I appreciate a lot

Lol.. Lord James sef.. You decided to be friends with the guy who took away your crush from you.

You guys have really come a long way.. Brotherhood is one of the best hoods in the game. Keep making memories together.

Happy birthday @joshuaetim

God bless you immediately sir
Please don't fail to invite us to the wedding happening soon

Sure, you will be invited.

Hahaha @donnest and wedding. The wedding might take place at Frankfurt, get ready to fly your jet. Thank you for your wishes, I appreciate

@lordjames If I didn't knew you, I would be surprised with this. You one man that can do the undoable you know what I mean. Many more celebration to @joshuaetim

Thank you brother

You guys are really close sha o. I am sure he would appreciate this. A very happy birthday celebration to him. I wish him long life and good health.

We are closer than anyone will ever know.

Thank you @sistem for your wishes. Yeah, I appreciated this a lot, I had to resteem it, and I don't take the wishes for granted

Happy birthday gee.. Much love

Thanks baba, I appreciate

Happy birthday day mate.
Wish you all the success in life and all the happiness in your life.
Blessings bro

Thanks so much man, I appreciate

See as I read every line with very apt attention like the next words you'll say could sabotage my thinking faculties....

True Joshua is a fine young man....
But I must say, he has an even finer heart which has brought him so many favours.
On this special day of his birthday, I join you in celebrating a rare gem in the person of @joshuaetim.

I didn't know you know him that much....
Hmm, you guys have really done a lot together....
Hunted girls together.... Hehehe
I read that part.
I wish you the very best Idopise

Hunted girls together, I knew you will see that part very well.

Btw, Where did you learn Idopise?

Hunted girls together....

Infact, that was the first thing I saw 😂 😂

As for the Idopise....😂 I read between the lines 😍

Please what's the meaning in english mbok..

It means, *"what and see what God will do".... @uche-nna

Okay, thanks

Hahaha @julietisrael, thank you so much for the wishes. We will never hunt for the same woman again. And Congratulations to you on getting the spelling of the name Idopise correct.

Congratulation brother, many many happy returns of the day, may you have many more.

Thank you brother, I appreciate

your welcome :)

Happy birthday bro

Thank you bro

I wish I had this type of friendship, or will I say am jealous..
@joshuaetim, happy birthday once more ..
Keep shining and more grace.

And @lordjames, let me save my talk for later. But meanwhile you so innocent oo...

My own is I want to attend wedding ceremony oo..
You people should do quick.

Hahaha @uche-nna, you know this song by Labrinth, "Jealous", I'm going to sing it for you, get ready. Thank you for the wishes and thank you for the beautiful birthday post you made for me, I appreciate.
As for the wedding, we'll pick you as the ring bearer or page boy to join the bridal train

No problem..
As for that song, I love it. Labrinth is a guy I have something for his songs.

Please do a cover for us.

Happy birthday brother may your all good dreams come true ....On this day I ask god to give you happiness and his blessing in your life

Thank you for your wishes, I appreciate

Happy Birthday Brother may you live a long and happy life and best wishes for future..

Thank you brother, I appreciate your wishes

woooooooow, happy birthday to him age with grace, Igba Odun six months. Don't forget to send my cake ooo

Hahaha at cake, thank you bro for the wishes

they are sweet words of life you have given @lordjames. and a happy birthday to you too @joshuaetim

Thank you @mcsamm, I appreciate