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The day can't be completed without my wishes 😍

Today is a special day,a day @mbj was born,5th September is the world's charity day.


I met @mbj few months ago through DIMIMP's post,I always see his pictures on his post as one of the best designer,I met him through steemjet

We became friends before steemjet first offline meet-up and since then it has been a great ride with him....

@mbj is a very loving and caring friend, you offend him and he will still be the one to apologise lol

Because it is his birthday today,I lack what to even wish for him,but alll I can say is may you leave long to fulfil all those dreams of yours.


Just always remember that Your past is done so forget it, your future is yet to come so dream it,but your present is now so live it,

HAPPY birthday to you,on this day I wish you everything good I can ever wish my self in life,long life and prosperity,much love from my end.....


•make your birthday wish for Mbj.

•tell us what you would have wished your self if it was your birthday.

•not more than 100 words

The best and the most presentable birthday wish wins.

•Upvote and resteem this post

1.You must be my follower to participate

2.your wishes must not be less than 100 words

3.Contest ends on post payout day( that is after 7days and winners will be announced shortly after that)

1st = 3steem

2nd= 2steem


Note:All rules will be checked

Good luck to you all

Happy birthday again @mbj. Steemit brought us all together but steemjet caused our paths to cross. I know that you are an amazing person from the way you keep making us laugh in the group. I'm hoping that this be your best year yet.

My wish for you on this special day of your life is that everyday in this new year would be a dream come true. You'll walk into mind blowing opportunities beyond your imagination and you'll end everyday fulfilled. You'll bask in health all season and you'll win every battle you face. A toast to a fulfilling year ahead. More productivity, better ideas...Cheers!

Happy birthday @MBJ
May you start another beginning of great things in your new age 🙏🏽
Goodness, blessings and happiness shall be yours 🙏🏽
May almighty God bless you beyond your own imagination, may he bless you according to his riches 🙏🏽
All I ask for and all you hope for in your heart almighty will grant it into you..

Happy Birthday, I love you.

Join wishing a great celebrate @mbj sf1

Happy womb escape @mbj
Fly free and happy beyond your birthday and across forever, and we'll meet now and then when we wish, in the midst of the one celebrate you will never can end.
The sun shine in the day, the moon shine in the night, but you will shine here on steemit every day and every night.
happy birthday bro.

Happy birthday guys

Good evening dear friend. If today was my birthday, the most I would want is to finalize the sale of my house, in order to provide a better lifestyle to my parents, son and wife, because here in Venezuela things are day by day more difficult. But I have a great security that when selling the house I will have enough money to make good investments so that I do not decapitalize and provide the best to my loved ones from now on. Despite how hard is the economy in our country, I have great plans to give the return to these difficult times. God bless you friend and thank you very much for all the support you give us with your promotions or competitions. Take care. Greetings from Venezuela. Kisses

Entry valid

@burlarj come and see freebies😁😁... Happy birthday once again @mbj... Jah Bless!

Lol thanks buddy, but this is not my kind, best comment wins... It is not a sure win....

Lol I catch you for this one😁😁

You fall my hand no be small.. Lol

Every day is for the thief but one day na do the owner....

you burst my head, even though not a sure win, I have submit my entry wink

Happy birthday mbj

If it was my birthday, the most things that would be done will be paying my brother secondary school fees, which he always call me to do and I keep on making promises which kept on recurring. Things are hard for me as a student facing my books and also involving myself into learning cryptocurrency to at least out food in the table.
My wish is that I make money, I mean money. To be a Millionaire before this year runs out and also help the needy even in hard times.
My wish for you @mbj, is to succeed in greater measures. Wishing you long life and prosperity. Age gracefully with money and also before I forget with beards.
Cheers to your new age
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Brother @mbj happy birthday to you, After thinking hard for a moment, I realised we all deserved to be loved but only few are lucky to feel the sparks of love, the greatest of all feelings.. I therefore wish you meet the love of your life soon enough, the girl that will change you, the one that her presence alone will make you feel like the happiest and luckiest in the world, the one that will stay with you through all, leaving will never be an option, I wish you will love and be loved .....

if it was my birthday, I would have wish the same thing for myself... love that will last forever...i will wish for my dream girl to find me soon.......

let me use this medium to wish this great man a fabulous birthday anniversary, i wish you all the good things life have for us, i always pray for greater high, God wisdom and knowledge, god guidance and favor and now i wish you all this great things as well.

keep on dreaming new dreams bro and always strife to make it a reality.
Your just starting your new face of life bro@Mbj, age with grace and stay focus.

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