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The Eurasian bullfinch, common bullfinch or bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)

With the advent of cold weather and winter, bullfinches fly from the forest to the cities. These birds are incredibly secretive and cautious in the summer. They are incredibly difficult to see in the summer forest, but I managed to do it a couple of times, and it was a coincidence.
In winter, they can be seen in the nearby cities forests, parks, where they look for rowan berries. By the way, they don’t eat whole berries, they bite and get a seed. And by the red berries pulp on the snow you can immediately recognize, there were bullfinches.


And this is a female. They are painted faded.


The Baikal bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula cineracea)

Very rarely you can even find such bullfinches. This species lives in the mountains, ad sometimes they can roam through cities. What I noticed is their friendliness! How many times have I met them, so they never were afraid of me, calmly flew alongside, I even had to run away from them so that they fit into the frame! Unlike usual common bullfinches, which are difficult to photograph because of their caution.






They are so pretty! but I don't see them often. Also didn't know the female is so grey... still pretty :)

Yeah :)
They occasionally appear in my feeding trough, driving away great tits.

Nice! We had all kinds of birds in feeders, but those never came.

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Awwww, they are cute... and plump! :) Plump birds are cuter!!

Yes you are right! :)

So very beautiful! Great photos! Thanks for posting this to #featheredfriends/Friday! !Tip

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