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The common chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)

I have so many photos for 2018 that I am completely confused in them!
I try often not to repeat and not to upload the same type of photographs every day. And now, it turns out I did not upload these photos from early spring.
In early spring, when the sun is already warming, and the snow is slowly starting to melt, these messengers of the approaching spring and heat arrive. But the weather in Siberia is unpredictable, even in May we may have frosts and snow. But Finches do not care! These birds are quite frost-resistant. Imagine, in early November, a couple of weeks ago I saw a finch in the forest! But at this time the temperature ranges from 0 to +5 C. But still, most of them fly away where it’s warm.






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Отличный окрас у этого зяблика. Его окрас очень похож на окрас попугаев. Жаль в нашей местности зябликов очень мало.

да их везде полным полно

Such a lovely bird! As always, your photos are wonderful! Thanks for posting to #featheredfriday!

thank you! :)

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