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in birds •  5 months ago

Seeing a large predator out in the open is a unique experience to say the least. On a recent, blustery day on a beach I was preparing to go for a dive but decided to call it due to the weather and then out of no where this large eagle landed on the beach beside us.

Bald Eagle-3.jpg

It wasn't injured or aggressive in any way it just stopped by to check us out and see it there was food. Between my dive partner and I we figured it saw the black dive gear and the metal from the buckles and such reflecting in the sun and wanted to know what it was.

Bald Eagle-1.jpg

I had to scramble and get the images I did, it was only near us for a few seconds before it took off again.

Very cool to see such a magnificent bird so close. It always a good idea to have your gear handy you never know when you might get a great opportunity to shoot something amazing!

Thank for reading and have a great Monday everyone.


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Beautiful Scott! What camera and lens did you use for this? so amazing! How close was the Eagle actually to you?


Hey sorry for the late reply I actually shot this with an old Canon Power Shot that I keep in my dive kit. My SLR was already in the housing and I didn't have my iPhone handy. I keep the Power Shot in my dive kit to take pictures of gear and other stuff when my SLR is unavailable. The eagle was only a few meters away.


No problem at all Scott! That is awesome that you got that great of quality with your PowerShot! We actually just saw a Bald Eagle up here in the White Mountains of Arizona. It didn't land by us though. haha :)

Wow , very nice photo . Predator it is for sure . What program you use to put your autograph on picture ?


I am using Adobe Lightroom, it is the easiest one I've found.

Wow , so beautiful shot . Please can you tell me what camera & lens you use for this?


I actually use a Canon Power Shot. I keep one in my dive kit and use it when I need gear pictures or something and SLR is already in the housing.


Hi Scott
Thanks for your nice feedback.

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Woah that's so cool. What an incredible privilege. They're such beautiful animals!

Foto increíble. Exito

Wow you are really lucky! In which country/state did you take this picture?


I took this while on Vancouver Island in Canada.

Incredible! Just imagine that is scary and awesome at the same time! How lucky u are!

Raptors are always a site to witness, especially the larges species like the bald eagle, great shot for having to scramble for sure!