Bet you didn't know! #1

in #biology4 years ago

We all know that our brain is the one and only organ that makes the decisions, the one part that does all the processing, and the only one that sends instructions to the rest of the body. Well is it really?

Surprisingly its not :)

Remember the last time you touched something really really hot? Or stepped on a lego part? Well if everything with you is in order, you probably jumped right away because of the heat or the pain! well is it turns out its not your brain who made that call to jump, its not him who controls this reflexes, but it is the spine!

The information of the heat/pain or something that needs our immediate action gets first to the spine, and than the spine immediately decides the action that need to be taken (move that hand!) and only than the information reaches the brain and it interprets the feeling that caused us to move. So first we move and than we learn why we did it :)

Bet you didn't know that :)



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well done on your first post! I will give you a couple of hints that I wish someone gave me when I first started. Since you are new you have a low reputation so not many people will actually get to see your posts. To maximize your exposure you should be very careful about which tags you use, do not use tags that are too popular otherwise your posts will disappear in the oblivion within few minutes, have a look at the tags I use in my posts to get an idea. Also you may want to write a little bit more, try to aim above 500 - 600 words at least, you want to catch the attention of users that do not know you yet. All this being said, well done on your first post, I hope to see many more from you!

you really came to help :)
thank you very much! i will try to do what you said next time :)

Welcome. It may be useful for you to do a verification/introduction post with the 'introduceyourself' tag. By verify, I mean typically a selfie holding a picture of steemit and date, something like that.

Additionally, since you are called 'the biologist', if you want to write high quality stuff on the subject, feel free to use 'steemstem' tag for better recognition and curation, and join the STEM-field community on (group: steemstem).

Good luck!

ok thank you for the advice! i will do that

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