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Hello everyone,

I recently read some articles about this very intriguing procedure that claims to use the energetic fields our bodies produce, called biofields, to induce healing. I am a fairly skeptical person, but this honestly sounds quite promising. I've encountered aspects of this practice in so many places, it seems like it could be the holistic system approach that has been missing.

Here are the two articles so you can read about them yourself.

Sourced from the article

They have an IRB approved, peer-reviewed study that is going to be released soon. I am incredibly curious about what this article will reveal about this practice.

One of the things that I found particularly noteworthy is that the biofield shape that is described forms a torus around a person. The toroidal shape is the primary shape for plasma systems, and according to them, living beings form a bioplasma system. This apparently has some precedence, as there have been studies of the bioplasma of bacteria and other single celled organisms.

To me, this could be what aura's are, why there are "vibes", what chakras are, and really so many different things. I firmly believe that human energetics is a very poorly understood system, and this could be something that plays a role in pushing the understanding of ourselves further. I'd love to know what your opinion of it is.

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