Binance Exchange expects to open a London office in the near future

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"I hope we can open an office in London very soon. Now the regulatory certainty has increased, and that's good," said Zhao. - I think the UK applies neutral and very positive regulation. They are strict on derivatives, but I hope that their position will become more flexible.

Previously, Binance was already represented in Europe by its headquarters in Malta and branch in Jersey. According to Zhao, now they would like to have an office outside the offshore territories.

Speaking about the support of the fiat on the American Binance site, which is in the process of being launched, and the cooperation with the bank, Zhao said that his company will follow the path of other exchanges already operating in this region. Traditionally, the U.S. cryptographic exchanges use Silvergate and Signature banks, while most other financial institutions are hostile to them.

"We will be using the same guys. As far as the Fiat is concerned, we are not trying to invent anything here. We're trying to take advantage of what's already working," he explained.

Commenting on earlier information that Binance could list Libra's cryptocurrency on Facebook or take on the role of a node in its blockchain, Zhao said, "As a stock exchange, we must remain neutral. We do not comment on individual coins. We do not show sympathy or dislike for coins. We simply provide liquidity. Most likely, Libra will have many users no matter how much people hate it.

According to Zhao, there are currently no specific plans for Binance to participate in Libra's development. "But we don't mind," he added.

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