Binance saved me from a trading of potential 10% loss

in binance •  4 months ago

While I was still enjoying the profit made from previous Cindicator indicator over the Substratum and looking forward to another insightful signal, the Cindicator bot pinged me with one last night with:


If you were paying close attention to the market today, you know there was a huge view of red sea everywhere. Lisk was no exception. The signal was expecting LSK to trade above 0.0008 BTC before crashing down to 0.0006 BTC, it seems like things work in a total opposite way.

Fortunately I did not buy the indicator in time for a few factors:

  • I first saw the indicator coming in last night and was too tired to perform any trading as I was ready going to bed.
  • This morning I recalled the indicator in the traing in the middle of my way to work. Just formatted my phone not long ago and not yet downloaded the Binance app. Access the site via webpage, too damn lag and I gave up.
  • Back to home to sit in front of my workstation, only to find out the price already crash to the bottom price stated in the indicator, without the bullish movement at all.

If Binance mobile web wasn't that lag I might already lost 10% in the indicator. I appreciate that!

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Nothing like a bit of luck in lag ^^


Luck is by far the most prominent factor in my successful trading career lol