A fun little experiment with Cindicator signal, 11% gain gotcha!

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So I did a simple experiment with the Cindicator signal 7 days ago which the bet is about: SUB/BTC trade above 0.0000209 BTC (+11%) in a week.

The result is positive. Woohoo.


Furthermore, the signal was expecting the target price to be hit before 31st Aug, and I bought 5227 SUB with 0.1BTC during 23rd Aug, the sell order was filled the next day. It was a pleasing and fast 11% gain. Although the bet amount was small, well, I said this is just little experiment didn't I?

Not to mention that the peak of the price spiking was way more than the target price(0.0000209 vs 0.0000280). But I wouldn't say "If only I hold a little longer to sell at the peak". Nobody knows where is the peak, and it defeats the purpose of this experiment where I suppose to follow strictly with the indicator.

Overall alts market was raising anyway

If we view this signal's result from the other perspective, SUB wasn't the only one gaining traction on the same period. The fact is. it is very common for a synced movement of all the alts market no matter going up or down. Looking at the last 7 days charts in CMC and chances are you will find most of them having the same pattern.

So how is this affecting the quality of Cindicator prediction? Nothing. The target hitting might due to the overall market bullish run but the signal did work nonetheless.

I need more indicator like this!

上次的小实验的结果就是, Cindicator 成功预测了 SUB/BTC 会在七天内达到 0.0000209 BTC (+11%)。 小赚了一笔,好开心!

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Nice! Congratulations on the gains!


Yeah, this is an interesting project anyhow!

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I signed up on Cindicator long ago but no time to seriously play around with it. Dang should have spent more time on it, lol


Its ok, the signal is not 100% accurate anyway. I've been trapped a few times.


True, but overall you do profit right?