I Don't Like Big ICOs

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This is CZ, CEO of https://www.binance.com. This is my first post on Steemit, and a highly subjective one.

Last night, I was at a party in Tokyo with a few crypto guys. The host wants to do an ICO. The team, though small in number, is solid. They built and released a product already. It has a decent user base. Everything sounds good, until when I asked how much are you planning to raise in your ICO. The answer was: $100MM. My face said, "I don't like it." A discussion followed that I thought would be beneficial to share with all of you out there who wants to do an ICO or list on Binance.com.

A big ICO is good in many ways, at least in theory. It makes headlines, raises awareness and credibility of your project, has people awe at your awesomeness, and boosts egos. $100MM should cover all the financial needs of the project, for a long while! With sufficient funding, the project team can dare to do whatever they want, and aggressively build it into a massive empire. All that good happily ever after stuff...

But I don't like it. Here is why.

First, does your project really need 100MM?

The first answer I got from a team member yesterday was: "Yes, we will build out the entire eco-system, acquire companies..." I stopped him there. I like to see startup teams laser-focused on one task. Just my personal preference. My personal preference does influence Binance though.

Do you need all the funds NOW?

A misconception is ICO is a one-time event. You must have all the money you ever need NOW! This is simply not true. There are many ways to structure the Token Economics so that you get all the funds your project will ever need over time without having all the investors taking huge risks initially. More on this later.


I worry a small team with $100MM may no longer feel hungry. True, the best-motivated teams should be intrinsically motivated, wanting to change the world, etc. It is also true some people can keep that hungerness even when they are rich, but not everyone can. I still want to see teams with a sense of hunger in them. I like to see 3 AM commits to GitHub from time to time.

All those aside, the key issue is Token Economics.

Maximize at ICO = Bad

I don't like to see projects realizing their max value at ICO. This is usually harmful to those projects in the long run. This is counter-intuitive to many ico-preneurs, including many in the room yesterday.

A max-valued ICO coin will only go down in price once it hits an exchange. This causes all sorts of problems that most people don't think about at the ICO stage. But as an exchange operator, I see it all the time, thankfully, mostly on other exchanges.

Say your project is worth $200M today, and you sell 50% at $100MM in your ICO. A day later, your coin is trading on Binance.com. Hype and market over-reactions aside, unless you have increased your project's worth in a day, the price won't go up further on the exchange. When price doesn't go up, it goes down. A certain number of people (short-term traders) will dump it for coins that are rising quicker. This dump causes price to go down, and when price goes down, more people (the less certain ones) will dump as well, causing a downward spiral.

Now people are losing money on your coin. Some will complain, bad-mouth you, calling you a scam, post their conspiracy theory on more social channels than you can monitor. Now your rep gets tarnished, and you are spending all your efforts managing bad PR instead of coding. Your new user acquisition rate drops due to the bad press. Your hiring becomes difficult as well. People in the office argue about what went wrong and starts to point fingers. Down it goes...

You also immediately have this heavy burden to make your project go from $200M to $400M valuation, not an easy task for most new projects.

The Alternative

Now compare this to a different scenario. Say your project is worth $200MM solid today (or however much you like to think), but you set your ICO valuation to $30MM and sell 50% for $15MM. (These are the actual numbers for Binance.com at our ICO. I think they are still very decent numbers by any measure, for just our promise to deliver.)

But you say "fk, that's dumb, I just short changed myself $85MM in ICO funds and more on valuation". If you thought this, just read on.

Of course, now because of the low valuation, everyone is trying to get a piece of your ICO. It's completely over-subscribed. Everyone is asking you for more allocation, you say, "sorry mate, you have to buy them on the exchange later." Your ICOs finishes in 38 seconds (a real record for one ICO on Binance). A day later, your coin starts trading. People rush in. No one wants to sell. Price shoots up. More traders get attracted to you instead of other coins. Now you are the talk of the town. Everyone is discussing your project. People make Youtube videos analyzing how great your coin is. With all the free positive press, users sign up to your service faster than you can imagine. (A true case with Binance again.) Within a month or so, you get into world top 10 ranking. With the user growth, your project is now valued at $300MM, and the 49% you hold is worth $150MM.

Now most of your investors made money, lots of money, 10x in 2 months. You have the user base, product, and the positive community to back it up, and is poised to grow even faster. You can slowly sell your holdings at $300MM or above valuations over time.

If you still feel stingy, you can always adjust/reduce the 50% ICO percentage, of course. But I highly recommend 50% or more for the ICO. The whole point of ICOs is to make your investors make money together with you, and build momentum!

One last bit of simple math to consider from an exchange perspective. If your coin has a circulating supply of $30MM, and 80% are long-term holders. You only need to attract $12MM more buyers for your valuation to double. If your circulation supply is $300MM, you will need to attract $120MM. If you look at trading volumes on top 10 exchanges today, it won't be hard to figure out while $12MM is quite easy to squeeze out from other coins, $120MM will take some effort. So, if you can show your coin can bring new users with $120MM of funds to our exchange, we will happily list it. Otherwise, we would have to think carefully about listing your $300MM coin, especially if your coin is new and have no trading history.

Once I explained these in detail last night, there was a sense of "oh, now that makes sense, I didn't think about it like that" flowing in the room. I think I successfully converted most of the guys in the room from "one-big-massive-ICO" to "long-term growth" mentality. I hope I can do that for you as well. It will make listing your coins a lot easier for us.


So how do we get STEEM on binance? A lot of peoples only option is bittrex at the moment, but I know far more people prefer using binance. You can bet that you would have an entire social network of users signing up for binance because of the benefits it offers if they had a place to exchange their STEEM and/or SBD

What's funny about this comment is that it's straight up all facts. Steem on Binance would change the game..

i plead the FIF

Second this


Steem is already on binance


Shameless affiliate link here: https://www.binance.com/?ref=25680660 (you don't lose a penny while I got a tiny fraction of your transaction).

We did this a month before it was listed ;)

Makes so much sense! Some ICOs are greedy unfortunately. Some simply just want to "play safe". Your suggestion definitely makes sense and should work much better!

I came across one ICO that assigned 50% on marketing, it's a NO for me to invest. When asked, they told me they heavily rely on advertising/promotion to gain investors. I really don't want to dump my money into paid advertising if you know what I mean.

Take a look at Render token: https://sale.rendertoken.com/#/
They are a perfect example of how to not do an ICO!

Dear CZ.

Would you please tell me how can we understand this is your official steemit and it is not fake.
Is there any official link to your steemit?


Aye, please post proof of your identity from twitter or other sources @czbinance. Thanks!

This is funny, coming from someone who has been plagiarizing posts since they joined here.

This was a good read. The way you whitelist ICOs and projects that can trade on your exchange is one of the many things that drew me to your exchange. I should say that I have moved all my tradeable stash to Binance as of now.

When I opened Binance listing today I could see that around 70% of the coins listed were trading at 30% profits. I think the way your team filters these coins has a lot to do with this :)

Please address the downtimes and performance issues. The load on your exchange is only going to increase :P

Many users here including myself appreciate having options when it comes to using exchanges. Please consider adding Steem to binance - you'll make a ton in fees and we'll have another well established exchange to trade on.

wise words

So, why is STEEM not on binance? I think it satisfies some of this things you said here and in your presentation in Korea.

I believe in Steem a lot and I am so sure you do, that is why you are here. I think you should speed up the listing of steem /sbd on Binance.

Recent adopters of Crypto are coming in via steem because they wouldnt have to go through the stress of converting their fiat to crypto.

They only have to mine through post and comment contributions and then use their sbd and steem to experiment with other coin on exchanges like poloniex and bittrex.

So any exchange that has steem is able to bring in a certain set of new adopters that other exchanges don't have.

You might say , you don't need this but on a CSR basis, I think Blockchain Education can be further enhanced if people understand how exchanges work.

Very timely advice @czbinance.
I recently made a similar claim and intent.
However, thanks to your advice and of others, I am reminded the amount of funds raised must be considered and sensible. Every cent raised once belonged to someone's hard earned money.

As a founder of EMPOWER, I must ensure funds raised be treated with the respect that it deserves!

Kudos for this. Small raises like OMG's are a sign of confidence & respect for investors.

Thanks for explaining this -v useful and interesting information.

What is concerns me most is it highlights that many people that are doing these ICOs likely have no clue whatsoever how to value a company and are therefore just pulling numbers out of thin air based on what the team down the road did the week before - scary...


It looks like binance is gonna become one of the top 3 exchanges really soon! Nice post!

Hey mate, we would like to see you posting on the Red Pulse Platform as well soon :P

How much did BNB collect during ICO?

This really reminds me TEZOS, the biggest ICO at that time, and now see what they have achieved? less than 50 commits on github.

@czbinance this is the best article i have read this week. Every ico team should be reading this before they plan their ico.

Awesome article really appreciate your wisdom! Keep it up. Love to read such great content!

This a very good article, and well written. It gives a much brooder perspective about ICOs, and why they are finding it difficult to list on exchanges. This will differently shape the community.

You just sold me czbinance, will be on board tonight. Your thought process will bring further success.

really love your words

Very well explained! If every ICO tokeners could think in these terms, ICOs will get far more respect.

These are exactly my words! I wanted to write somethin about this as well. But u did, and i could not v done it better. . Its completely LUDICROUS to raise MAXIMUM! ANyway u allready wrote everything i thought as well... nothing to ad. Fn idiotic greedy ico;s. So many investors, including me as a newcomer, lost money because of this. They just dont want a win win situation cause they are to short sighted (retarded) to see the big picture.

Thanks for sharing CZ, definitely an excellent post!

Time for Steem!

Thanks for sharing. its true that a lot of money in an ICO makes it look appealing to investors but its nice to get a real perspective from you. Thanks for sharing, i'm definitely following.

I love your reasoning here. Do the project really need 100MM?

Yeah, ICO is the beginning, not the end.

Thanks for the post. Just curious to know if Binance will ever go back to conducting ICOs in the future? My understanding is your company is longer based in China where ICO was banned.

Small cap, very very good ICO that is under the radar.... http://cargox.io/?ref=cargox

Digging This up 3 months later because this information is still relevant and if utilized from date of posting in hind-site, I am sure those persons were very successful with investing.
This approach removes a lot of noise in the crypto space and if applied would narrow the amount of research required before investing.

True, For this ETHLend.io do a small ICO, just 10M.

well done.

good to see you here, im the guy who promoted Binance here many times and made people aware of the exchange and community adding.

i have also sent a ticket #115848 with something that may interest you guys, was some time ago

Great piece you wrote about 4 months ago ! Seeing the ICO craze going on today, maybe you should make this a mandatory read for everybody who wants to join/keep trading at binance ? So the attitude of the whole industry changes and will become more sustainable and future oriented ? A lot of people don't realize that we are in the biggest transfer of wealth in human history, and the importance of that, and what it might bring in the future.

Throughout this post all i could think about was ZEBI. $10m cap for an infrastructure project that is contracted to the Indian government to serve 150 million+ people. Amazing team too, would love to see this on Binance when the ICO finishes.

Steemit income is for CZ's son's pocket money.. lol :D wonderful read..

really like this article. ur awesome!

I hope @czbinance posts more often. His sharing of ideas and knowledge is much appreciated and also widely expected in the crypto space. Great article.

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They may need that much fund, so they can add their tokens on exchanges like you (50 BTC) 😁.

Awesome, Thats why we called you the bigboss...
Really I learned so many thing from your this post..

But sometimes projects struggle to get attention from exchanges when they're low funded. Example REX is the first real estate project raised over $4M struggling to get in exchanges like binance bittrex . I request you take a look at rexmls.com

true, as with most views, there is a balance, one can't take it to an extreme. $4M should be plenty to build a solid product/business though. Many do with much much less.

Great Article Sir. Hope all newcomers will follow this way. :) cheers...

True, For this ETHLend.io do a small ICO, just 10M.
well done.

I learn a lot about ICOs from your post. It is also useful to choose a project to invest. Thanks.

So, congrats CZ, good man.