Binance Has Suspended Steem Withdrawals

in binance •  7 months ago


Bought some more Steem this morning on Binance and when I went to withdraw to Steemit I got the message above saying withdrawals are suspended temporarily for maintenance. It kind if ticked me off. Would have been nice to get a warning when I bought it a couple of minutes prior.

Now, I hope this is a temporary suspension but I guess you never know. It does make me wonder what was the reason for the maintenance to the wallet. Hopefully some upgrade that will make life easier and more prosperous for us all.

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Really and why


Yes, and I have no idea why other than it says it is for wallet maintenance.

Exchanges often do this and for no good reason. Hope they unfreeze your funds soon 😥

Make sure to spam their Facebook with complaints. I am


Haha, I will consider if this keeps up for long. Do you know how long it has been? Seems like I did a withdrawal a week or so ago.


Been just under a week now.

Yeah, that sucks they let you buy it, but won't let you move it. What the heck, Binance?!


You should send them an email and offer to sell them real estate on the moon. That will show them!

This happened immediately after the syscoin exploit happened. Several coins have not been approved for transfer since then.

more of one week and half , binance block withdraw or deposit its insane and they told us nothing about it

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