@shanibeer check the tag #jahm their are other posts that have nothing to do with reggae why did you not down vote them ?

I regularly downvote posts that misuse the #jahm tag.
It's important for the all the coins, including yours, to have feeds that reflect what the coin is all about, that is how we are going to attract new people and increase the value of each of the coins.
I wish you well in what you are trying to do.

Hey @bilpcoin, I know you from Twitter and that’s kinda the only reason I didn’t downvote this as well. I believe your aim is to let our communities know that you also reward us if we use your tags with great content. Most RS members will think you’re reaching and abusing tags if you’re not very clear about that or don’t mention #ReggaeSteem specifically.

You are welcome to post here, but pls stay on topic or at least briefly mention why reggae, Jamaica or the culture is related in order to avoid downvotes.


Cheers !BEER

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