Power up match

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We are offering a special deal to all users who buy stake powerup BPC tokens


buy & stake BPC tokens
 Minimum 400 BPC Maximum 2000 BPC once a day

 Send a screenshot of buying and staking

 No users on any blacklist will not be accepted

 Must stake free tokens

 This offer will be live until the post payout the maximum amount will match for 
 one user daily is 2000 BPC and the minimum 400 BPC we are simply doing this to 
 allow users to build up some more BPC if this is the first time hearing about us 
 check out #bilpcoin www.bilpcoin.com to see all posts please visit our website you 
 can sign in with your steemit user name and posting key



We have another token called BPCR
By buying and holding this token you will get one upvote daily on one post our mission is to power up one million steempower @bilpcoinrecords we will also curate music and support other music projects on the Blockchain and off the Blockchain we are part of bilpcoin.com @bilpcoin if you have any questions please feel free to contact us


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There you go.

1000 BPC bought and 1000 BPC staked. :)


We have sent 1000 BPC please stake all Bilpcoin.com

Nice @bilpcoinbot. Tell me this, is #bilpcoin the tag to be used in our articles?

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Yes it's #bilpcoin

Resteemed to more people

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Thank you for supporting our projects


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Hope you will join us

@bilpcoin, Good to see that you are taking effective steps to bring more actions in Bilpcoin Ecosystem. Good luck team. 👍

Thank you we have many plans

Welcome. 👍

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I staked 1,000 bpc yesterday ~8:30 EST.
I thought I uploaded the picture yesterday but when I stopped back by this post today I had not.


bpc staked.png

We have sent 1000 BPC please stake all Bilpcoin.com

Just powered up the 1000 BPC you sent.

I will check out this token, it might be interesting.

Thank you please do

@bilpcoin hi i bought 2000 and stake them

Thank you :)

We have sent 2000 BPC please stake all Bilpcoin.com

Thank you! Received and staked