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We offering a special deal to all users who buy stake powerup BPC tokens


buy & stake BPC tokens BPC

Minimum 400 BPC Maximum 2000 BPC once a day

Send a screenshot of buying and staking

No users on any blacklist will not be accepted

Must stake free tokens

This offer will be live until the post payout the maximum amount will match for one user daily is 2000 BPC and the minimum 400 BPC we are simply doing this to allow users to build up some more BPC if this is the first time hearing about us check out #bilpcoin to see all posts please visit our website you can sign in with your steemit user name and posting key

No blacklisted users any blacklist

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Just purchased and staked 1300 InShot_20190913_173949235.jpg

We have sent 1300 BPC please stake all

Thanks I will stake

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@bilpcoin, Keep travelling your journey team. 👍

Hope more people get to hear and buy some

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We do to hope you will buy and stake