Bill Gates on Responding To Covid19 (Coronavirus)

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Lots of people pointed out a tedTalk by Bill Gates from 5 years ago, where he 'warned' the world. That warning, unfortunately has been tied into rumors that Bill Gates released Covid19 on the world.

Truth is, Bill gates has always been a very informed person. He is aware of the dangers that exist in this world.

So when he said the world was in danger of a pandemic, WE REFUSED TO PREPARE.

A typical problem people have. Most people have not listened their entire lives - hard to expect them to start listening now.

Now is the time to take personal responsibility like never before. Take a few minutes out of your day, while working at home to review these 'thoughts' - maybe this time we will listen?

Let's hope.

That being said :: I've never been a fan of 'vaccines' - and yet our lack of preparation in my mind, comes in the form of Online shopping not being ready. Too many stores are open and not enough people are shopping online - which would be the safest route.

Also, governments should have been ready to suspend all forms of travel - especially airports. You cannot contain a virus if you allow people to move all through the nation; which is what we have done. Combined with the overall, hard headed attitudes - and bad habits people have already, let's hope this doesn't get as bad as Bill Gates has suggested in the past.

Let's discuss how we respond NOW -


Thanks to all who check this out; Please be sure to 'also' read my thoughts on Belief, Denial, and People who are following Conspiracy Theories with Coronavirus

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