About Belief, Denial and Conspiracy Theories surrounding Coronavirus (Covid19)

in #covid192 years ago

I had some 'thoughts' I wanted to get off my chest; while trying my best to Understand why So many people still, do not take this thing we are All going through, as seriously as myself and others.

I may say things like 'people are stupid' - but that's just frustration; People are complex - not simple - and in meditation, these thoughts came to mind; about Belief, Denial, and Covid 19

Hope you take time to watch; and give me your feedback ---

Quick Warning;

I do speak on Religion; on Atheism; on Corporate America vs. Business Ownership; and especially on several 'conspiracy theories' surrounding Coronavirus; this is a grown folks discussion; and again hope you get a chance to check this out.

Share your feedback in the comments below, or over on YouTube; Belief, Denial and Covid19 (Coronavirus Conspiracy )


...... now that LBRY is running full 'steem' ... I should have shared the video from there; If yu wanna watch there instead of YouTube ...


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