Bilderberg and Bitcoin

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If you are invested in Bitcoin (BTC) you are no doubt aware of the fact that transaction fees have become absurdly high. At times even reaching $50 USD per transaction.

This has lead crypto-currency experts and enthusiasts to increasingly see BTC as a store of value much like gold. There was a time however, not too long ago when BTC was envisioned as becoming the currency of the internet and the future of money in general.

Today, as BTC transaction fees become less and less appealing other cryptocurrencies are positioned to step into the role of the premiere digital currency. Altcoins such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and even Ripple are more likely to be currencies that could be used in everyday interactions as their transaction fees are presently much lower and faster than BTC.

As the popularity, and value, of Bitcoin has skyrocketed throughout 2017, it has also gained the attention of the big banks who now want in on the crypto-boom after years of deriding its chances.

In September, JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon famously dismissed bitcoin – calling it a “fraud” temporarily lowering the price while, at the same time, a division of JP Morgan investors made purchases of BTC in the background.

It’s no secret that there are powerful financial interests that see Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency, as a threat to their institutions and way of life. It is inconceivable to think that the highest echelons of Wall Street and of the banking sector are not actively devising strategies to control, manipulate, transform and/or eliminate any competition to the current financial system.

Detailing just how Wall Street and co. could end up controlling BTC is uncertain but there are growing fears that a BTC coup may already be well underway.

One of the primary avenues for obtaining this objective would certainly be to gain influence over the BTC miners and mining pools.

The following theory is not my own, it comes from a reddit post I came across this earlier today. I don’t claim to know if this is true or not, but it’s a very interesting theory to consider at the very least.

I highly recommend checking out the original reddit post and the interaction in the comments. There’s a lot of back-and-forth in relation to the BTC core camp and the BCH proponents who both claim that the other is in danger of becoming an instrument of centralization:

The Bilderberg BTC Theory

According to the theory, members of the Bilderberg Group, the Federal Reserve, and Master Card have made significant investment in Blockstream through subsidiaries holdings.

The diagram shows how certain financial institutions and actors have invested in Blockstream with the intention of increasing transaction fees to such a level that it disincentivizes its use as a currency.

According to the theory, the increased transaction fees push BTC towards the adoption of the Lightening Network, a Blockstream creation, in order to solve the issue.

Thus, if elite financial actors have significant investment in Blockstream they will have undue influence the BTC network.


Blockstream provides a range of software and hardware solutions and expert professional services to companies deploying new blockchain-based networks. Elements, our core software platform, was released as part of the open source Elements Project; it's currently one of the most mature protocols for blockchain developers. Together with PwC and a growing network of partners, we combine our technical depth with world-class domain expertise to deliver solutions that cross industries and use cases.

AXA Strategic Ventures invests $55 million in Blockstream

The Lightning Network

Blockstream is collaborating with industry leaders to create a Bitcoin micropayment system that supports high volumes of tiny payments using proportional transaction fees and that operates lightning fast. We are now developing Bitcoin Lightning prototypes and creating consensus on interoperability.

For non-insiders, it’s extremely difficult to say if this is an accurate description of what’s occurring with BTC at the moment but it does raise some eyebrows.

On one hand, it may simply be wealthy investors recognizing the shifting financial landscape and making wise investments for the future. While on the other hand, it could also be a slow motion crypto coup d’etat meticulously measured and planned in advance.

The Bilderberg Group

“The Agenda of the Bilderburg Group is aggressively and explicitly corporate fascist in nature”

- James Corbett (2014)

Once a secretive group, the Bilderberg Group consists of some of the world's most wealthiest families, along with elite figures from the highest levels of world finance, politics, government and key members of the media who have met annually since 1954.

At the heart of these meetings of high profile western capitalists, is the element of secrecy media of any sort is not permitted while likewise no meeting minutes released to the general public.

Fellow Steemians including @corbettreport, @lukewearechange, @pressfortruth, @titusfrost, @joshsigurdson and others have done extensive reporting on the Bilderberg group. In the past, @pressforttruth (Dan Dicks) and @lukewearechange (Luke Rudkowski) have been arrested for attempting to interview members of Bilderberg.

For those unaware, here’s a useful discussion about the Bilderburg Group with James Corbett and Dan Dicks.

From The Corbett Report

From The Corbett Report (2014)

The Bilderberg Group holds annual meetings gathering some of the most influential and powerful actors on the world stage.

The official narrative of the Bilderberg group used to be that there was no such group. Nowadays however, the dates and attendance of meetings are published, and the story being that these famous and busy people, normally subject to scrutiny by paparazzi, need time to relax and take time away from public scrutiny. It's an "annual, unofficial, invitation-only" social event.

Media Reporting

Iain Hollingshead wrote in The Telegraph in the run up to the 2010 Bilderberg that "Dan Brown aside, conspiracy theories don’t come much bigger than this". He began the article "I have just discovered that a shadowy cabal of global luminaries, including Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Prince Charles, Peter Mandelson, Lord Carrington, David Cameron, Queen Beatrix of Holland and the chairman of Barclays Bank, have been plotting to overthrow national governments and form a fascist one-world empire" and stated that "part of the lure to conspiracy theorists is that the group wasn’t properly reported in the mainstream media until very recently."


The intense secrecy and use of armed guards belie the claim that Bilderberg is a mere social event. Willy Claes, who attended Bilderberg in 1994, said on Belgian radio that at Bilderberg each participant is given a report and they are "considered to use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect".[6] In 2005, the Bilderberg Steering committee chair, Étienne Davignon, concluded a BBC interview with the remark that "informal and private networks like Bilderberg have helped to oil the wheels of global politics and globalisation for the past half a century".[7]

Bilderberg Membership

Here are just a few of the high profile attendees of past Bilderberg meetings.

  • David Rockefeller Jr. (deceased)
  • Henry Kissinger
  • Zigniew Brzezinski (deceased)
  • Prince Bernard of Holland (former Nazi SS Officer - deceased)
  • Queen Beatrix of Holland
  • Bill Clinton
  • Prince Charles
  • David Cameron
  • George Ball (deceased)
  • Tony Blair
  • Gordon Brown
  • Angela Merkel
  • Rupert Murdoc

Leaked List of 2015 Bilderberg Attendees

Henri de Castries

Henri de Castries is the current chair of the Bilderburg group has a long career in the banking and financial sectors.

  • AXA, CEO and Chairman 2000-2016

  • HSBC – Independent Non-Executive Director, Member of the Group of Renumeration Committee.

Henri de Castries   HSBC Holdings plc.png

AXA   Henri de Castries.png

  • Regular Attendee of Bilderburg Conferences since 2002

  • Association pour l'Aide aux Jeunes Infirmes, a French charity focused on the providing assistance to young handicapped people –Administrator

According to Castries’ HSBC bio:

He has previously worked for the French Finance Ministry Inspection Office and the French Treasury Department.

Mr de Castries is Chairman of the French think tank Institut Montaigne. He also serves as a non-executive director of Nestlé S.A. and of the French National Foundation for Political Science and as a member of the Advisory Board of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management.



Even if this particular theory is disproven, I think it’s worth entertaining ways that the international financial puppet masters will look to manipulate Bitcoin and the crypto markets going forward.

Opening futures trading of Bitcoin began December 18th as BTC was added to futures trading on the CME and there’s also concern that manipulation is likely to occur here.

I really have no strong opinions on this except that I do believe that the status quo financial order will not allow Bitcoin to challenge their established institutions without a fight.

That being said, my own intuition is that a target of control will be the exchanges.


Why Are Decentralized Exchanges The Future Of Cryptocurrencies (1).png

Exchanges are the centralized connection points between the fiat banking system and the crypto realm.

Eventually, it’s hoped that we won’t need to use exchanges as crypto currencies could very well be commonly adopted across the internet, legitimized and used and the need to transfer cryptos into fiat will greatly diminish.

In the meantime, I personally feel that we need more decentralized exchanges in order to help reduce market manipulation and enable more tangible decentralization.

Some advantages of DEXs are:

  • An exchange that allows its users to control their crypto funds.
  • An exchange that doesn’t have a single point of failure like centralized server hostings or databases that are prone to hacks.
  • An exchange that has no trusted third party setups.
  • An exchange that no government can shut down like the Chinese exchange shutdowns.
  • An exchange that is not controlled by a single or group of companies.
  • An exchange that respects the privacy of its users and doesn’t ask for numerous registrations and KYC verifications.

Already there are a handful of decentralized and semi-decentralized crypto exchanges up and running and in the works.

Fully Decentralized:

Open Ledger

CryptoBridge DEX



Additional Source:




What an excellent piece of writing, again! Great information and, though my vote comes in super late for any decent rewards, the quality of your article is worth a full 100% of it!

Thanks a lot for it all! Namaste :)

So the rabbit hole is going deeper and deeper. Cant wait to see the end of it.

Great article.

Also, why would we need a frigging digital store of value, when another coin could be both a store of value AND a functional currency? There is no way we would need something as dinosaur-ish as a crypto currency that only can serve as a store of value because it's so useless you cant even transfer it.

I'm sorry, but I was in love with Bitcoin core until I realized how Blockstream and the core team is just preventing Bitcoin to be what it was supposed to be. IMO Bitcoin cash is keeping the real bitcoin alive.

Thanks for the great comment, there are certainly a multitude of coins with more advanced tech, super fast transaction speeds and low or no fees so it does seem like BTC is losing it's foothold. I guess it's the name recognition and the mystique of Satoshi that keeps it at the top of the game.

I'm far from being a crypto expert but while researching this post I found a lot of coins including BCH and ETH that are rumored to be backed by the establishment as well. ETH, I believe, was seed-funded by paypal / palantir founder Peter Thiel. My hope is that maybe there could be a leak from someone on the inside who can shed light on what's happening behind the scenes from some of these coins.

Criminal banksters making a statement denegrating a financial product whilst similtaneously buying it up is standard behaviour for scum like JPM.
I'm beginning to believe the battle for BTC has already been lost however it doesn't mean they will win the war. BTC is a dinosaur already in the blockchain space and not really practicable as a currency for the average man anymore, if that was their plan to put people off crypto it failed spectacularly, there are so many options now, what are they going to do? Take them all over?
It's going to interesting watching them try, as I'm not convinced all countries are on board, watch this space I guess.
Great write up V.

It's really hard to say, but i do also remember Pakman's interview with Roger Ver the other day where he said that the miners were cheering the record high transaction fees / popping champagne...or something to that effect. This may be just an anecdote but why would the miners (or certain groups of miners) celebrate such a thing?! Unless, they were aiming for that.

Well I've read that BTC mining is becoming more centralized as the cost for ASIC rigs(the only ones that make BTC mining worth it) continue to climb. I vaguely remember a time when you could get decent mining rewards from a nice homemade GPU rig. No more. So if a smaller and smaller group is gaining a monopoly on BTC mining they would celebrate high transaction fees because those high fees would be split among a small and rapidly shrinking pool. Am I off on this?

And Merry Christmas @tremendospercy!

Merry Christmas mate 😉

miners are getting greedy. How can we have network with users and miners being equal?

Wow. You just blew my mind with this theory.

Honestly, I started to feel like Bitcoin lost it's touch as soon as these high fees started. A lot of die-hard crypto lovers still have heart eyes for Bitcoin but I just am favoring altcoins much more.

Say the theory is true, and there was some major intervention to gain control over BTC. Do you think this will spill into altcoins as well? Or are we well protected enough to avoid this from happening? I always feel like big money somehow manages to get their hands on whatever they want because... well. They are big money

I have to agree with you here. Yes, I think Big Money (financial institutions/banks/wall street) has already entered the field and I'm certain they're exploring all options in relation to how they can gain control and influence over the market. They're developing their own alt-coins no doubt but I imagine they're devising schemes to eliminate the competition as well.
We already have the bankster coin Ripple (neither decentralized nor a blockchain) others have pointed to ETH being a coin of the system (seed money from Peter Thiel) and banking institutions developing their own crypto exchanges.

So what does this mean for the future of cryptocurrency?

I envision a mass adoption of cryptocurrency, however not in the way most people see it today. I think that like you said, these institutions are developing their own coins. Once they are ready, I feel as if they will advertise it as "the safe coin" the coin to be accepted and adopted and we will shift into a world of mass adopted digital centralized currency.

Ignoring large corporate-owned exchanges will help to stop the financial elite from controlling Bitcoin in the short-term. However, in the long-run every exchange has to register to operate in a country and is therefore subject to its rules and regulations.

Big finance can simply lobby governments to introduce legislation that stifles decentralised financial systems which threaten their profits.

Sadly, long term it's likely to see Bitcoin fall further and further into control by large financial corporations.

Good work. I love that "conspiracy theories" are getting some good attention on Steemit. More and more people are realizing many of the "crazy" theories have been true. I feel Steemit is going to help bring some of that information to the forefront.

Hi fellow truth seeker. Just followed you. Hopefully we can create a network here to ROCK THE SINKING BOAT 🙂

This was the joke of the year in the crypto world:

In September, JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon famously dismissed bitcoin – calling it a “fraud” temporarily lowering the price while, at the same time, a division of JP Morgan investors made purchases of BTC in the background.

Despite all the good things about BTC, not a single decentralized money advocate likes to pay HUGE on any BTC transaction. This eclipses all the good things about BTC and this is where the competition can easily beat it. Industry is changing and every time and if BTC wants to be ahead of others, it should think of ways to sacrifice its signatures and very high transaction fee.

This theory seems true:

The diagram shows how certain financial institutions tied and actors have invested in Blockstream with the intention of increasing transaction fees to such a level that it disincentivizes its use as a currency.

Very detailed and excellent piece of writing. Shared.

Steem On!

Of course! It is unimaginable that these creeps don't have their slimy, sticky fingers in the pie. Could not be any other way. Followed, upvoted and resteemed!

Totally agree, and the amount of details, time and effort he put in, it's just amazing.


Amazing how so many of these institutional heavyweights marginalize this phenomenon and then the second they are off the camera push their faces towards their phone to see the newest alt currency updated quote. They will like it much more when they get more percentage points of the holdings, as with everything else. I recently posted an article that shares many of the same sentiments if you would like feel free to check it out. I gladly welcome all and any comments that you can bring to the content. Thanks again for the post, have a great 2018!

Great post! I completely agree about the money interests not giving up with out a fight and a plan for control. Thank you for the list of exchanges I was looking for just that information! UPvoted and resteemed with pleasure! 😃


Hey v4vapid,

Interesting post!

I don't believe Lighting was created by Blockstream. In my understanding, it is an open source project. The authors of the original Lightning Whitepaper actually went on to found their own company (not at all related to Blockstream). There are three companies that are working on the protocol and you can visit the Lightning developer Slack channel if you want to contribute. It's also entirely optional - as a BTC user you don't have to use Lightning if you don't want to.

Here's my post with my understanding of Lightning - let me know if you disagree.

Thanks, I'll definitely have a look. If this is true then the theory I presented here probably doesn't hold weight but perhaps it should not be totally disregarded.

According to Blockstreams' website they are contributing to its development:

We are now developing Bitcoin Lightning prototypes and creating consensus on interoperability.

Beyond this statement, I didn't find much else in terms of details unless I signed up for their mailing list.

Thanks for your defense of Blockstream as I do not want to make them out to be nefarious actors and there's certainly a lot more I need to learn about the Lightening network.

Thanks v4vapid - I appreciate your open mind / impartiality. Yep - Blockstream is certainly influential on lightning. I personally don't think they exercise "control" or have motives to centralise BTC - but skepticism is healthy and it is worth creating awareness on who influences the development roadmap.

Blockstream is not working on the lightning network anymore.........It sidechains for them now.

Thanks again for another informative post and heads-up @v4vapid.👌

I'll scrutinize the Bitcoin "Lightning" implentation and adoption more closely.

It's an interesting topic for sure as the public is not so naive to think that the banking sector is not dead set on controlling BTC/Cryptos. I'm sure there are great people at Blockstream, but investors likely have a lot of clout and could apply serious pressure on the developers.

It goes deeper than just playing naked in the woods and holding meetings in upscale hotels. Yeah, they bond, alright and their bonding is not about love; it's about control... They seduce, photograph and blackmail their targets performing deviant sexual behaviors - especially the use of children - and they actually do worse. This is extremely significant because it's how heads of governments and corporations are controlled. Satanism (remember the weird rituals that are showing up on prime time TV?) is not a quaint notion from the past - it's their religion. What right do we have to butt in...? Because they are engaging in treason:
"Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure--one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” ― David Rockefeller

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of just how evil these people that are members or join the rituals, not meetings.
As far as Bitcoin goes, I’m no Einstein on it, other than learning the block chain, but it is a lot slower and fees are high.
Which in turn, as myself have moved into Other alt coins that are making money, but they would have to gain over 51% of bitcoin to control it while bitcoin cash is gaining ground and interest.
Etherium is being used by other cryptos and EOS is moving up fast.
I don’t see these people doing anything but what they are known to do, worship satin, sacrifice children, give their loyalty and lives to the religion and manipulate the money, Bitcoin going on the exchange was a big mistake and just look at silver and gold to see manipulation at its best.
The Dollar is dead, and as I’ve said before , it’s going to be a gold backed crypto, and it’s going to have to have something of value, more than just the government saying it has value.
For once you have a free market, you can go on there and buy any crypto and make money if you play it right, stocks not so much, and bubble??
This whole thing is just picking up. How many people even know about crypto?
I’m sure it’s gaining steem, which is where I think I need to put more into, but non the less, put in what you can afford, a little at a time and buy real gold and silver with your profits.
You charts and story was extremely well written.

Clif High is predicting a futures implosion after a huge bitcoin swing! I hope it comes true.

No more silver short selling!

It is or was just a matter of time that the ELITE will put there evil fingers on Bitcoin because it's a big threat to them and we all know what they do with things they are a threat to them. But we are lucky that there are a lot more cryptos and not only BTC. The day will come and the damn ELITE will get what they deserve.

MAke investment into bitcoin illegal for those who have annual income more than 300 000$)) Bitcoin is more gold than currency.. It's precious asset.

Thank you so much! Very informative. I didn't even know decentralized exchanges existed! I've always had the feeling the financial big wigs talked shit about crypto not because they didn't believe in it but because they didn't want widespread adoption until they'd devised a means of control which in the decentralized ecosystem is no small feat. I expect they'll be trying to delegitimize it for at least the next 5 years even though adoption skyrockets every month. I'm sure governments will be going after exchanges a bit harder in 2018.

I am not sure of the "conspiracy" aspect of all this but it is in the bankster's playbook.

  1. Demonize...Dimon etal are still doing this.
  2. Send out government hacks to regulate which is code to put under bankster's control.
  3. Use their unlimited fiat to buy the threat up.

This is #3. All standard protocol. It is one advantage the banksters have...unlimited resources. I am not surprised they are buying up bitcoin and other alt coins. They can figure out the 51% rule and use it to their advantage. The snakes did not become so powerful because they were stupid.

The challenge they fact is how wide spread this is. It is rather simple to develop a token and people are willing to flock to whatever interests them. Controlling the entire Internet when unsiloed is tough.

They can buy up the top 300, that only means 300 more will appear. It could be an uphill battle for the banksters.

I guess the conspiracy element is that the promise of bitcoin and cryptos in general is decentralization and cutting out the banks. This theory, even if it really is business as usual, illustrates the ability of the banking cartels to find ways to infiltrate (and potentially defeat) their competition.
I'm not trying to suggest the idea is novel in any way, most of us have been expecting this move from the very start, it simply represents one of many ways that the banks can achieve their objective.

Great comments, thanks

I dont doubt that they will fight it....that is in their nature.

They are not going to give up easily. Their foundation is being rattled.

Personally, I feel they will not win out in the end for one simple reason: every industry, no matter how much money they had, could not stand up to the Internet penetrating that industry. The banksters have an unlimited source of fiat, but can the system stand up to the radical changes in how things are done that the internet provides. Blockchain is the internet blasting through the front door.

The battle looked good for retailers, newspapers, publishers, journalists, and music company for a long time too...for years in fact....but in the end, they all fell to the internet...or at least faced a radically scaled down industry with much slimmer margins.

Bitcoin's influence on total Crypto market capitalization has gone down from 80% to 40% over the past year. And new exciting projects on next generation blockchain technology are taking hold. Cardano, Icon, Aion, Neo and many others are following the footsteps of Ethereum. Hence even if Bitcoin is compromised as you say, it will have less influence on the Crypto habitat as years go by. Anyways, bilderberg conspiracy is a new info for me. Good article!!!

great!! thx for interesting story :)

I'm seeing more vendors that have bitcoin as an option to pay for goods and services, so that to me says a lot about the cryptocurrency. Just yesterday, I was looking for gift cards to buy in order to save a little on my online purchases and saw where one of the outlets accepts bitcoin! This is well worth taking notice. The more businesses take a chance on cryptocurrencies, the more people will begin to take notice, and hopefully, decide to make the switch.

One challenge with companies taking bitcoin (and people using it) is that it puts it in the hands of the people this article refers to.

Think of this, you buy stuff from Amazon using bitcoin, what happens to the bitcoin? Do you think that Amazon will pay its employees in that or still Fiat? My bet is fiat. Hence, the btc is held by Amazon and if you look up the institutions outside Bezos who have stake in that company, guess who it is? The banksters. The same goes for most corporations.

I agree the company will most likely to continue to pay their employees in fiat. I also heard that there are ties between the top tier of Amazon employees and CIA. Could be fact or it could be conspiracy.

Thank you for your comment @nexusvortex777.

The challenge with the conspiracy theorists is many tie everything to the CIA.

The flip side is that there is usual some truth, at least in part, to most conspiracies. In other words, something doesnt add up.

I dont look at this as a conspiracy...simply a way to re-distribute bitcoin because the masses are fairly naive.

Bitcoin is in the hands of the people now, they get excited to buy stuff on Amazon using bitcoin, which puts bitcoin in the hands of the corporations who are owned by the banksters.

And down the road the people will complain that all the bitcoin is in their hands.

Do you think HODLing is the best option to keep it out of the hands of companies such as Amazon? I think that would be one of the best options or trading with other people whom you are sure aren't a part of a corporation. Small businesses could start accepting bitcoin, too. We'll see as time passes and more people begin to use the currency.

Oh yes, don't get me wrong I'm all for mass adoption of Bitcoin and cryptos across the board but with massive fees who wants to buy a pair of $50 dollar shoes and add another $10-$50 dollars in transaction fees?

The conspiracy theory is that the 'Bilderbergers' want high transaction fees to bring in Blockstreams' Lightening network (which Bilderbergers are invested in) and theoretically by controlling Blockstream perhaps they could manipulate Bitcoin and the entire market.

Bitcoin will be easier for them to manipulate than gold, a market they totally took over.

With only 21M bitcoin, it is just a matter of waiting out the some point, some of the btc whales will cash out...and the banksters are already in line.

A couple hundred billion is nothing to these people...they have access to all the money they want.

Right on, the out of proportionate fees are one of the factors that are worrisome for me. It doesn't seem feasible that the average person just getting into bitcoin would be able to pay that kind of transaction fee. I am going to be looking closer into the Lightening network. Thanks for your insight and ideas.

From what we know - Bitcoin could have been created by the worlds banking elite. At first it could seem like a way to decentralization but it could also be turned around in a blink of an eye.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your own perspective on crypto.

Interesting Read.
Corporate Giants Mastercard and Bilderberg crippling BTC like this is some news.
Coins like Litecoin and Dashcoin seem to be really appealing now with thier Faster transaction speeds and lower cost.
Hence, it's best in our own interests to switch to these Bitcoin Alternatives.

I think people involved in cryptos can definitely see the advantages of many of the altcoins for obvious reasons but the masses who are just learning about cryptos only see Bitcoin and it's monetary value and nothing else. Once people become more familiar with the options, i think you're right people will see the potential and invest more in the alternatives.

It's already starting. Just a few months ago I barely looked at Ripple as a serious contender in my portfolio. Now its my top daytrading earner. The volume of altcoins increase is telling the tale.


When the bitcoin exchanges collapse is because they sold all the bitcoins and pocketed the money and claim they were hacked.

very interesting

I've seen this information couple of times recently and it seems that we are going through the end of decentralized bitcoin. And with other things that are happening in the background we perhaps approaching the complete change of life as we know it. Thanks for great article!

ive started to really wonder about steemit after some bad experiences I just had.

mspwaves, lucksacks/steemit poker league and PAL are cops. some peeople on mspwaves/PAL claimed to be witnesses that I think are more likely cops ie 'crimsonclad'

makes me wonder about bitshares exchange, the apps, just about everything i see on here.


I have spent a huge amount of time documenting how i ran into major infiltrated peace movements and festivals, and how if you travel as a single male you will be harassed with entrapment at every single wal mart parking lot and state park. And it seems I haven't been able to get the message out at all, reddit, steemit, my personal blog, twitter, it is as if there is a concerted effort to prevent any individual in the united states from reporting what is going on here.

im pretty spooked out, this all looks totalitarian and the pre-phases for a roundup of people for the ideas they have, or a huge war or anything but actual functioning government.

The war about Cryptos started already, for sure one target of the elite will be the exchanges, the other ones will be the users of them and the next target will be or already is, the totally control of the internet.
So, what we can do?
I think the "elite" of the cryptos, all these highly intelligent computer freaks should stand together, connect together in meetings and search for possibilities to fight back.
We have many steps in advance already against the elite, they try to follow the crypto like a gang of bloodhounds and try to catch them.
And thats the point, building a trap where they fall inside and have no chance to come out.
There are so many high intelligent people involved in the cryptos, stay together, now, just now, we have the chance to blow them away from their power and control, come on boys and give them their lesson.

Best regards

Hi respected sir, @v4vapid, I read your article 2 times to understand it, Bcz I am new here so don't know much about it. You gave a comparison between centralised and decentralised, I think it's about transaction fees BTC which is too high, I only invested in some altcoins from my steemit earnings. BTC is going high and high bcoz huge investors buy it. Thanks for updating very useful article and point out issue.

Bitcoin is now totally centralized and influenced by interests of big money conglomerates.
Now it's time for centralized institutions to take over and destroy it.
Bitcoin is dead as a method of payment, just a way to rich people store value.
Even exchanges are expelling poor people that make small transactions
Miners and exchanges are the owners of Bitcoin and want to become Bilderbergs.
Maybe they can make a a partnership with them because it seems they are going to look like them.
We must DEX now

Slightly off subject, but regarding the Bilderberg Group/global elite, when it comes to conspiracy, they operate right alongside, and in conjunction with, some of the most notoriously corrupt people in the world, and this fact is particularly obvious when it comes to the IMF and the funds being pumped into Ukraine to cover losses incurred by Franklin Templeton, George Soros and The Blackstone Group. A glimpse at all that corruption can be found in the following links, including a look at one of the main players amongst the Swiss global elite, Ukrainian billionaire oligarch Igor Kolomiosky. Thus, it is not all conspiracy theory when it comes to what these people really get up to...... much of it is conspiracy fact.

Robert Parry of Consortium News provides even more insight into Kolomoisky and his corrupt dealings.

Therefore, it goes without saying that these people are capable of quite terrible things when it comes to maintaining their top tier positions as members of the ruling class. Considering what they did in Ukraine, they will do anything to make sure they get what they want and not lose their power over us.

A nice difference between Builderbug and Bitcoin, you're very well described. I did not really understand the way before, post your details later today. I wish you all the best wishes for you. @v4vapid

Too much conspiracy theory...

nice work hopefully we make same you for one post

Thank you very much for providing information

The way you demonstrates the using diagram is really amazing !!great work you put to explain thanks for sharing @v4vapid

I really dislike the therm "conspiracy", as that name makes the puppets really "afraid and averse" to even listen to what is being said. Nonetheless if it is a "conspiracy", it is a conspiracy against the people, to enslave everyone in this bullshit system.

Great review upvoted and resteemed.

My biggest fear is that we cant get away from them. What ever we turn to as an alternative they will try to manipulate. Thanks for sharing, will need to take the time to follow all the leads~resteemed

Explicit enough, keep the good work boss.

I don't think this kind of stereotyping of Jews represents the better angels of Steemit.

well there's a reason this meme exists ;)

You have enlightened me about something on this post. Gonna contemplate on this now.

You did a great job with this article. In my opinion the "Big Wigs" missed the boat on BTC when it was cheap and they want to manipulate it to lower prices or make a lot people think bitcoin is crashing so that they can get cheap bitcoin. My plan is to buy more and more on every major dip. Bitcoin isn't going anywhere that's for sure.

Not that I had a lot of BTC but I dumped what I had after the initial runup following the initial futures trading. Ince I saw how fast the price dropped I'm happy with my decision. To see how BTc can be pumped and dumped was an eye opener. Yes I could try and profit from this manipulation but I have better things to do than check my wallet every two minutes. I took Jeff Burwicks advice and diversified my coin holdings. Minus BTC. I refuse to have my emotions manipulated by billionaires!

the (((ELITES))) are trying to co-opt this movement....

It goes deeper than just playing naked in the woods and holding meetings in upscale hotels. Yeah, they bond, alright and their bonding is not about love; it's about control... They seduce, photograph and blackmail their targets performing deviant sexual behaviors - especially the use of children - and they actually do worse. This is extremely significant because it's how heads of governments and corporations are controlled. Satanism (remember the weird rituals that are showing up on prime time TV?) is not a quaint notion from the past - it's their religion. What right do we have to butt in...? Because they are engaging in treason:
"Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure--one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” ― David Rockefeller

I agreed regarding the fees but on the other side, BTC is giving so much profit on a daily basis (When prices go up).
Bitcoin will rise up again with high speed once their system is upgraded and remove all issue that allows hacker to attack on their servers.
If you have BTC then don't sell now because it will increase drastically.

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Resteeming done!

Evil personified!

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To the hell with this guys -.-!

Who wants to control the world? hmmm???

Gott ist Chef von Bilderberg wen es ihn gibt!

This has to be one of the best @steemit posts I've ever read! Upvoted, Followed, Resteemed! At first I thought the lengthy article would be a turn off but to my surprise the information you shared was exceptionally interesting. Its also strange how there was an article about the Royal Rothschild family withdrawing all of their money from the banks & investing in gold & possibly then bailing with Bitcoin was a question posed in an article I found a while back.

Thanks again for posting informative, keep ahead please
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Wow just amazing 👏👍 I like the post 👌

I'm new to crypto and trying to learn and earn as I go, so I cannot offer much in the way of insights. But my gut has always told me that somehow this will be the way of a world currency. I cannot explain how. Your article adds to my gut feeling. In the mean time, I try to learn and earn what I can, then will translate my earnings in to tangible assets.

its been 3 months that we've lost our money in an exchange called Bittrex and they dont even care about it, more than 1000 people lost their coins in there :( and when we asked them much they just blocked us and also blocked our country ... with proxy we just can login and watch our money but we can never cash out :( , governments have controls over exchanges as you said it too. I don't know about DEX, I just know that any USA Exchanges wont be good for us, just like my brother said they don't accept us even as a human being! I just know that wallets are the best places.

I guess I'm still struggling to see how Bitcoin can be regarded as a currency if it's traded. It's a commodity, sure. But the value of any crypto would have to become much more stable before it could replace FIAT. SBDs were supposed to serve as a stable currency, but they were also traded and look what happened. Not complaining--the pump was good for a lot of people. But what now, as far as developing a spendable currency?

Highly appreciated insights

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don't ya'll think futures on btc are a paradox? I mean, the crypto world was born to fight again the system that caused the financial crysis in 2008, what do you think? Interest topic btw!

Keep working, stop paying, and to hell with the bankster's privileges.

I enjoyed reading your article. It is very informative. I hope that they remove the high fees in the future because they are making everything more difficult.

Is there anything we can do to stop Blockstream from crippling Bitcoin?

Very nice post in my country govt has not legalise it till now but i do not know mat might be the reason behind it.I am totally new to this crypto currency world and want to know the possibility of it

Thank you for sharing !!

Hi @v4vapid, I've read several posts on this topic and in my view, this is best one by the end of the year unless someone writes another good one in this last one week of the year. Awesome man.

The best example of decentralized exchange is Supernet's Barterdex. it uses cross chain atomic swaps to create a truly decentralized experience. although it is currently in its infancy I see it going a long way or setting a standard that can be copied and modified.

Really great, nice photo of Napolitano

Absolutely agree. The funny thing that they think they are fooling us, and they don't realize that they are the ones being fooled now by us exposing them and actually taking action to oppose their mastermind plan. Thanks @v4vapid

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RIP Jim Tucker. Without your bravery and persistenace the world would never had known Bilderberg to this extent.

I have been following this group for years obsessively. This is incredibly interesting and recently have had this thought about higher ups getting mixed in somehow. Awesome post!

@v4vapid very informative about bitcoin, thanks for sharing

The JP Morgans and Rockofellas of this world surely have a hand in the game. There is much going on behind the backdrop that we are not aware of. Great post.

Excellent post. It is from bloggers like yourself that I learn the most. I have long suspected that the money worshipping elites would find a way to manipulate crypto. They have nothing more important to do than worry about someone having more than they do!

awesome bitcoin news @v4vapid

You have done great analysis, Thanks for sharing great detail with us.

wowwww.... Its just really awesome article... You explained everything so clearly...

Great post! Very though-provoking!
I have no Bitcoin, just because as a newb, I haven't been able to get verified on US accessible exchanges. For stupid reasons, they can't find me in the public record (Haha, I'm a ghost!), my selfie w/ ID is too blurry, yada, yada, yada.
Thanks to Steemit, I've been able to dabble with small amounts of alt crypto and am still learning about the blockchain tech. Thinking about doing without BTC altogether, your post is certainly helpful in my decision making. Yes the PTW (Powers That Were) probably have their claws in a lot of the crypto tech. I watch with eyes wide open.

It's not the first time I've seen this information, and yes it certainly seems that the traditional business/finance world is attempting to take over Bitcoin by pushing the use of the Lightning Network.

Time will tell if this works, but there are certainly plenty of alternatives available. The problem at this juncture is the first mover advantage that Bitcoin has (likely why a takeover was attempted rather than simply creating a new centralized coin). Additionally, the majority of media reports on cryptocurrencies are only about Bitcoin, which means when mainstream adoption occurs it will be via bitcoin rather than other coins.

None of this should be too surprising though. Those in power aren't willingly going to cede that power through inaction. Expect continued attacks of all decentralized platforms.

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Thank you for concluding your post with recommending decentralized exchanges. This is key to being able to #BypassTheBanks

Man, this all blew my mind. Fantastic job on all the research. Keep up the good work!
Love it :-) upvoted!

Wauhhh...the post is really interesting about Bilderberg. I actually didn't know about Bilderberg.
I do like the analysis and ended great people deserved to attend in this event.

However, BTC should adopt the lightening network due to the increase in the transaction fees.

If the powers that (shouldn't) be do manage to manipulate Bitcoin, their efforts will inevitably be futile. There will be many more crypto options springing up ready to take BTC's place. The cat is out of the bag ... the jig is up for the old world machiavellian money manipulators.

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The electronic currency has changed the perspective of the world for money and the economy and of course this is a threat to influential people and to people who monopolize the global financial market and even local and direct them to their desire, even reducing the chances of governments to control the money of ordinary people and the inability to impose taxes They are against the interest of dominant people
Thank you very much for this valuable subject and I will follow you

Bitcoin is a builder it leads us to the top

thanks for putting all of it together. This article is worth every cent of the crypto it ironically received. ;)