Check out this pair of Old Road Bikes.

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Check out this old Kawasaki GPZ600R and a cool Ducati SD 900 DARMAH.









I hope you like my post and thanks for the visit.


Great bikes, I have always liked the sound of the Ducati, awesome mate. :-)

I like the red Kawasaki looks great.

Nice photos of this classic bikes.
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Thanks mate glad you like them, what is this @tipu?

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Cool I will check it out, thanks mate.

If you want to be curator, I think I can nominate you. Just tell me if you're interesting.

Both were great bikes in their day, so was the Triumph stag (the red car) in the background.

I rebuilt a Darmah motor for a race bike in the early 90's & it kept up with all but a few of the newer bikes.

Cool, I always wanted to ride a road bike but never trusted myself to behave. Must of been awesome to race cheers mate.

Not a big bike fan though I like the Triumph TR5 in the back ground 👍

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Yeah they are a great little car, I did a post a while ago with this car, cheers mate.

I love the classics, especially when they're in great condition like that.

I love the classics,
Especially when they're in great
Condition like that.

                 - tbnfl4sun

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