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Hi guys, I want to share with you something I'm currently working on. With the (bidbot) killer whales slaying every paid upvote in existence, it's time to create something new, more in line with #newsteem philosophy. Let's take a look :)

Curation + Gamification = ?

Basically I'm trying to create a system where selected group of users (let's call them @tipU curators) will be able to send @tipu upvotes for free, without any payment needed. They will be rewarded for their hard work but there's a catch - their curation votes will be validated - curators that bring the most curation rewards (more on that in a moment) will get higher rewards and will have more control over @tipU voting power.

The concept it pretty simple and probably there's nothing new about it but when you add automation and gamification elements to it, it's getting more interesting :) Things like leveling up, where with each level you can send more upvotes with higher value, leaderboard that determinates your daily reward and all of this automated - that's more like it :) All of those of course for free, no investment or payment needed from the curators.

As for those curation rewards - they will be used to reward the curators but primarily this will be the source of @tipU income that will be paid to @tipU investors - users that delegated their STEEM POWER to @tipU. In absence of vote selling I think this is the best way to use the 2.6 mln SP delegated to @tipU.

So the idea is to incentivize curators to generate decent curation rewards by curating good content (preferably before others ;) that can be then used as source for passive income for the delegators - users that not necessary have time to play the curation game themselves.

You can check out the first working version here: All transparent and automated. Please note that each curator can nominate new curators so I hope that the list will grow pretty fast ;)

Of course the system needs tons of fine tuning but with all the data provided it shouldn't be to hard (right?). I need few testers so let me know if you would like to have your name on the list ;) Also please feel free to share any feedback, I'm sure some elements can be made more user-friendly or interesting :) Have fun!

PS. 100% of post payout goes to @steem.dao


Please also gamify downvoting. ;)

Nice to hear about the upcoming changes, though!

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Let's try it, maybe already works:
@tipu downvote reason: bad whale or reason: I don't like him/her lol

All the nominated folks - remember that you can nominate others with the @tipu nominate command ;)

Could you grant me the curator role? I'd like to try this! Thank you!

Thank you!

That sounds like a great idea and I am excited to see how it evolves over time.
Please add me :)


@tipu nominate hide :)

Sounds great. Please add me!

곰돌이가 @glory7님의 소중한 댓글에 시세변동을 감안하여 $0.019을 보팅해서 $0.023을 지켜드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 6711번 $78.638을 보팅해서 $88.133을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

What a great idea! I would love to be on the tester list to curate great content. I love seeing the changes all over the platform.

Hi @misslasvegas! @cardboard has nominated you to become a @tipU curator! You can now request 3 @tipU upvotes per day on any content you like. The better curation reward you can get, the more upvotes with higher value you can send. You can nominate new curators as well!

To send the upvote, please comment under the post and at the end of the comment, add: @tipu curate. To nominate someone else you think would make a good @tipU curator, reply to one of their posts or comments with: @tipu nominate. All of this is of course free :)
Check out for more information and to see your stats :). Have fun!

This is such great idea, please add me to the list!

I'd like to try this. Thanks!

@tipu nominate hide :)

It seems this hasn't worked. I assume you have used up your daily nomination already.

I'd like to be one of you?

I like to be a curator too.

Please add me, thank you.

This is an awesome development and a great reorientation.

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I like your project, I would like you to add me to the list, and if you can give me a brief explanation of what my work would be like? please.

May I join as a curator?

I love your dynamism, @cardboard!
Could you add me to the game?



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Great. Please add me!Thank you

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I would like to be part of the curation game as well. Thanks :)

@tipu nominate hide :)

add me please!

@tipu nominate hide :)

Interesting... If I can be part of this new system.

Can you please add me?


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Please count me in! Thanks.

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I want to be a tester ❤

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I want to be a tester

Hello @tipu nice to hear about your new project..!!

I have a question, People who are using steemauto can be a tipu-curator..?

Because I would like to be in your list... but I’m using steemauto to vote content because I’m not immersed all the time on Steemit, and only I use it at nights to share my content..!!

Let me know ok..!! Thanks

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Sure :) @tipu nominate hide

Please add me!

I want to be a tester.Thanks

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Add me please .Thank you.🌺🌺🌺

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ahhhh that was what you mentioned in my comment the other day. count me in! @cardboard

Add me,please 🙏🙏

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It’s amazing! Could you be so kind to pick me?😉 @cardboard

Please count me in! @cardboard 😉

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Add me please!

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@tipu nominate hide :)

Can i get in?

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How you gonna avoid curator's abuse?

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Manually with huge ban hammer. Also abuse should yield low curation rewards so those users will be cut off automatically in this case.

!giphy excellent

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I would like to join.... @tipu nominate

@tipu nominate ..... corrected

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@cardboard already is a @tipU curator :)

Add me please, thanks!

wow Please add me~ I would like to be a tester~

Can you please add me?

Thanks~😚 @cardboard

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Add me please!


Add me please.I want to find good post and give them an vote.thank you!

Saw this just before heading out the door, and my first reaction is...

!giphy amazing

Back with more after it sits in my brain for a bit... 😊

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I need to use this bot more often :D

!giphy cardboard

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Hej, great idea! but what if 5 curators will try to upvote same post at same time?
Will you leave 5 comments saying - already upvoted?
Edit. stupid question, they will see that someone already called for upvote

Naah, only one comment will be left and the other requests will be ignored. Feel free to try it ;)
@tipu nominate hide

Intriguing system! I’d love to be a tester!

So will this be applied to the excess voting power or will this replace the vote selling all together?

With replacing the voting system this sounds might just cut the ROI in half, roughly.

Shouldn't it be possible to keep both, promotion service combined with that system to handle excess, idle, voting power?

Vote selling is still available but the demand is almost 0 (whales downvotes...).
But! If the ROI for upvotes will no longer be positive and the service will actually work as an promotion, not printing free money - whales should be OK with that.

Also standard 50% curation rewerds level gives about 13.5% ROI now and the system is designed to give better results. Of course still needs a lot of work.

Thanks for the answer, finally back and got time to answer you properly.
(I have read the other tipu's post by now.)

Vote selling is still available but the demand is almost 0 (whales downvotes...).

Didn't know that, I thought that those whales would primarly downvote the bid bots and not tipu. A demand of almost zero is really problematic. Every second at 100% voting power is wasted capital.

But! If the ROI for upvotes will no longer be positive and the service will actually work as an promotion, not printing free money - whales should be OK with that.

Not so sure about that, I still think that this whole clash against the selling promotions is kinda short termed thing thanks to the whole HF20/21.

Also standard 50% curation rewerds level gives about 13.5% ROI now and the system is designed to give better results. Of course still needs a lot of work.

I really hope to see those kinds of return would be amazing. (Or even the 18% APR, totally optimistic here.)
That could even be the minimum price to pay for every vote buyer, because their paid vote has to exceed those returns. I mean why should I prefer a return lower what I could get from curation rewards?

Another thing I thought of: I guess the whole manual curation things could kinda force those whales to manually curate every downvote. Because automatically downvote tipu upvotes could just lead to downvote good posts instead of promoted posts. Kinda really interesting.

To make it short: I guess that the whole downvote retalation will come down sooner or later, the manual curation could be a nice way to support a good base ROI until the return of promotional upvotes, which will be priced based on how how high the ROI of the curation posts is.

Sounds like it will replace it completely

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I want to be a tester 😊

Thanks @cardboard😚

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I’ve been used @tipu several times and the experience is quite convenient ^^

I heard your new program from my friends and it sounds super awesome!

Please add me~ Thanks a lot! XOXO

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Can I please be added to the curator list? Thanks

add me , thank you .

Great idea! Can add me?

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I want to be a tester

May I join as a curator?

Great to see one of the better actors on this platform, is still contributing in creative and positive ways. May the best prevail!

@tipu nominate hide ;)

Please add me in, thanks

Please count me in. Thank you.

I'm an existing #esteem curator, and doing curation work on a daily basis. Will be nice if can have extra tipu vote to my daily top 3 author.

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Welcome aboard! I remember you from some other posts/comments long time ago, seems you you're an experienced steem user :) @tipu nominate hide

No.1, you invaded me in #drugwars several months ago and I still haven't take revenge yet😂

And yes, I was one of the early supporter of tipu. I also written tipu article in Malay language, explaining to them TIPU does not necessarily TIPU. In Malay language, "tipu" means cheater. In case of you can't recall, here's the link.

On the side note, I have been loading tipu with SBD and sending upvotes rewarding my favorite Chinese articles, until no more SBD. Lately I've been focusing on development of more Chinese and Malay users to support #esteem and therefore I have been doing curation job instead of sending SBD away.

Glad you remember me 🙂

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@cardboard @tipu
Do you have any idea about the part of daily rewards that will end up being distributed among curators depending on their scores ?
Which score will be taken into account ? Performance over the last day, 7 days ? Considering date of votes ? date of posts ? This changes a lot of things when speaking about curation performance.

How is the score displayed on the curators' page calculated ?

I would like to be a tester as I'm already maximizing curation rewards on my account. I publish stats about curation efficiency on my blog, and you can see mine just below (I exclude myself from the results I'm publishing to ensure there's no bias or faking numbers on my end).

@tipu last 7 days curation effiency : 43.51 %
Mine in the same time frame : 125.53 % (with a certain amount of SP ~40k, but it's scalable, maybe not to the extent of all @tipu's VP but not far I believe)

Hi there, thanks for being interested in the service!
You can check the curators score here:
Basically the daily curator reward will be: reweard_pool * (score / sum_of_all_scores)

So every curator that has a positive score (>0) will get daily reward according to his place on the table (score). We'll start with reward pool of 10 steem daily and than increase it as (hopefully) new curation rewards come in :)

You have an excellent score so please feel free to join in! @tipu nominate hide

Also please feel free to join me on, discord, I would be happy to get some feedback from your (how to make this system better :)

Someone who already is a curator need to nominate you, like this: @tipu nominate

Ok. Thanks! Many thanks!

Me please! !giphy pick+me

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Really cool stuff, I'm glad I bought some more tpu yesterday.

I'd like to be a tester too

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@tipu nominate hide :)

I like how #newsteem is really making everyone more creative! I'd like to participate in this project! :)

@tipu nominate hide bam!

can you plea se add me

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Hi, good day.
please add me as a curator to @tipu... thank´s

Such an interesting and creative idea I will give it a go I gather we start with only one curate we can use per day?

Thanks @tattoodjay :) It starts with 3 votes but I've already added an option to use half for example.

To use it simply add a number of how much vote you want to use, like: tipu curate 0.5 or tipu curate 0.1 (remember about the @ :)

Okay cool I will start with the three a day and see how it goes
Of course assuming I remember lol 😂

You can check how much has left for the day here:

Thanks for that that handy to be able to check :)

Sorry for all the questions but i just want to be sure I understand it correctly so I can use time curate up to three times a day but at the starting level I can only do a max of one 1005 use of it, so if I want to use it three times a day I should do tipu curate 0.33 ( of course with the @)
Is that correct

No no :P You can, for example, use tipu curate:

  • 3 times per day with standard tipu curate
  • 2 times with tipu curate 1.5
  • 1 with tipu curate 3
    So the sum of all curations is 3 :)

Ohh Ok thanks now it's clear :)

Please add me,thanks!

@tipu nominate hide :)

nice :D
let's see how negative my score can become..^^

By the way, it's totally normal to get negative score at the beginning, it's gonna take time for the new votes (after the curation vote) to come by :)

yea I've read that :p
but I'm a good subjective curator who isnt best in profiting..^^

Watch out, really bad curators will be... terminated

Ur bot doesnt vote fast enough to snipe some good curation..!!11 :D :P

I need to cut the payouts frequency, once a week should be fine, lol :D I'm still doing some tinkering so there might be some delays ;)

(testing) Hi @luegenbaron! @cardboard has nominated you to become a @tipU curator. You can now request 3 @tipU upvotes on any content you like. The better curarion reward you can get the more upvotes with higher value you can send - you can also nominate new curators as well.

To send the upvote, please make a comment with @tipu curate command and to nominate: @tipu nominate - all of this is of course free :)
Check out for more information. Have fun!

Oh boy, I need an option to hide the comment ;)

I don't know - I kinda like the comment, and think it might be a cool way to let people know they've been nominated... 😊

There is a typo in the message, curation instead of curation

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I would like to be part of this as well I think this is the next level for steem

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Sorry for keep you waiting, I started with fixing the typo and then tinkering with 50 other things. @tipu nominate hide and !tip 1 steem (for the typo ;)

🎁 Hi @raserrano! You have received 1.0 STEEM tip from @cardboard!

Check out @cardboard blog here and follow if you like the content :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

Please add me!Thank you!

@tipu nominate hide :)

I want to be a part of it this project .Can you please add me I want to become a curator.Also please let me know what do I need to do

Please add me!

@tipu nominate hide :)

I'll try it :)
two questions
Can I use one vote a day on myself with good content?
What is the new roi for delegators?

Sure, @tipu nominate hide :)

  1. Yes!
  2. Check out (keep in mind that the #2 is falling hard and #1 - the owner pays for all the votes as far as I can tell).
    Basically if the curation reward would reach average lvl of 50%, @tipU should be able to power down around 1k STEEM daily which should translate to around 13.5% ROI for delegators.
    But we want to reach higher than 50% average + there could still be income from vote selling - but it would be treated purely as promotion so no more positive ROI for vote buyers (when you advertise in TV, the TV doesn't pay you :)

I want to be a tester, thanks

@tipu nominate hide :)

Nice idea

please add me to the list

@tipu nominate hide :)

Great! Add me,please. :)