Bike Problems In My Country!

in bike •  8 months ago

How to change our country!

If we follow different traffic control rules we will make our condition much better.we are not following any rules .Like today we have got an accident on bike.

Its a trend in my state that if you had an accident on bike you will never get a first aid treatment in hospital because they said that you do not care of your self on bike and you are racing on bike and showing stunts.

Today we had an accident case in hospital and doctor was not coming to look at the patient and sadly in 3 hours that boy died. After his death there were so many people unite and they have blocked the whole city main junction and whole traffic was jam .

All these problem are caused from driving the bike and we are not able to getting control on such thing. we had rapidly getting increase in bike accidents.after today care.After today's case. Docter of my states hospital will get suspended or maybe there license and job will go forever . because the dead body owners were not look that they will leave him by any way .

We need to make proper rules for traffic in our country either we need to banned on bike driving or we need to make some

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Traveling has shown me that every country related to driving rules differently. To change them it usually takes the state to inforce them by using the police to catch and fine people. It is not a pleasent process either way.

How would you recommend the state change this situation?

Haha. Okay, I'm laughing cause of this..

you will never get a first aid treatment in hospital because they said that you do not care of your self on bike and you are racing on bike and showing stunts.

This sounds all too familiar, I have those kind of friends, I think I'd like to donate them to your country so they can get themselves some manners.
However though, thats not so fair of your governement, there should be policies set in place to protect human rights first.
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of that young man, it's such a sad case.

Where did humanity go to?
May he Rest in Peace. My condolences :(

Every country has its own rules. Motor rules are more stringent in my country.

question of mentality and respect for the rules of the road

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@ammar0344 you are very correct on makin proper rules for traffic, there need to be some amendments.

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