Rusia 2018 Match Preview: Russia Vs Saudi Arabia

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Russia 2018 world cup kick-starts in about two hours from now. There's excitement in the air. This is arguably the biggest world cup ever.

In the midst of the excitement frenzies that the 2018 FIFA world cup brings, I will do my best to do a pre-match analysis and prediction of each game before commencement. I'll take out time to sieve teams that'll be involved, and forecast how the game will go.

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Russia Vs Saudi Arabia

I foresee a bull run for the Russians on this game. They have the fans on their side as hosts of the tournament. Saudi Arabia seem to have a fast squad, so Russia will have to deal with the speed and the intensity that the Saudis will bring. Nonetheless, I'll give it to the Russians.
My Prediction as per @blocktrades contest:

I trust I'll score a point on this one.

Pre-Match Insights:


Kindly share your thoughts on this game in the comment section below. Let's rumble! Let it flow!!



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