Prescribing Too Many Pills

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It's estimated that 5+ million Americans are currently living with dementia

Roughly 30 percent of those who are over the age of 85, will eventually develop some dementia-related condition at one point in their life. Although, a recent study from more than a year ago suggests that the risk of dementia has been declining. Prior to that decline though, it was assumed that rates were only going to steadily increase as the population ages; the results were surprising.

Despite that suggested decline however, prevalence rates of dementia in other places around the world have seen an increase and it's an issue that is and will continue to impact millions of people worldwide.

For some of those who receive a dementia diagnosis, they might also face the issue of being prescribed inappropriate or unnecessary medication as a result.

That's what one recent study from Australia found, led by researchers from the University of Sydney.

Their study results suggest that for those who are newly diagnosed with dementia, that their likelihood of being given unnecessary medications will increase. They found that medication use had increased by at least 11 percent; use of inappropriate medications had increased by 17 percent.

“Potentially inappropriate or unnecessary medications included sleeping tablets, pain drugs, depression drugs and acid reflux drugs (proton pump inhibitors).”

Researchers warn of the dangers that can come from being prescribed inappropriate and unnecessary medications, such as drowsiness, sedation, potential fractures, and even hospitalization.

It isn't only dementia patients either, who are being over-prescribed, as previous reports have suggested that there is prominent misuse of other medications such as painkillers and antibiotics. U.S. doctors have been frequently found to be all to eager to prescribe drugs to their patients.

Researchers have suggested that perhaps involving more decision-makers or caregivers in the process, might help someone to reach a more informed decision.

This might be someone such as a pharmacist or some other health professional etc. And they note that people will be able to obviously reduce unnecessary costs and discomfort if they are able to avoid taking unneeded medications.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


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I heard it's not the prescription that causes problems, but the combination of pills taken together that causes more symptoms which causes more pills. Vicious cycle. I started using essential oils for some things and wow, amazing!! I think homeopathic remedies are best coupled with good nutrition and lots of sunshine!

Well, if I was an unscrupulous doctor connected to a corrupt pharmaceutical industry I'd probably take advantage of things and pump my intellectually-dissolved patients full of unnecessary drugs in order to bump up my prescription-writing profits too. Or wait, maybe that's too cynical.

I think the problem starts in childhood with lots of unnecessary vaccines that poison our systems. Then there is the fluoride in the drinking water and lots of added fertilzers/chemicals and white sugars in food. By the time most people get to 50 they have a condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers, dementia (the list is so long) and now they have to depend on a variety of medicines forever. Meanwhile big pharma companies are laughing all the way to the bank :)

very true, and unfortunately more people are addicted to prescription drugs than illegal :( its not doing nearly as much good as it advertises

@doitvoluntarily Whatever it takes to make a quick buck, right?

"How Many Pills Are Too Many" in the NY Times:

"At least one in five older patients are on an inappropriate medication — one that they can do without or that can be switched to a different, safer drug. One study found that 44 percent of frail, older patients were prescribed at least one drug unnecessarily. A study of over 200,000 older veterans with diabetes found that over half were candidates for dropping a blood pressure or blood sugar control medication. Some studies cite even higher numbers — 60 percent of older Americans may be on a drug they don’t need."

From overprescribing drugs to the greed that led to the opioid epidemic, it seems like biotech and pharma companies cannot be depended on to make decisions that promote social welfare. Capitalism governs corporate decision-making as CEOs worry about satisying shareholders rather than the negative consequences of their decisions. They get fired for not producing enough profits more often than they do for malfeasance or promoting policies and practices that function at the public's expense.

@doitvoluntarily great post. I think health is something that is taught in the home. The degradation of family units and familial ties is at the heart of the mental and physical plagues we are dealing with today.

The best medicine for the overuse of pills is to imagine a world without them.

Hi doitvoluntarily,

How did this society of citizens allow the pill companies and doctors to brains wash them to take too many harmful pills such as pills that supposed to help with dementia?

There has to be a better way like natural herbal alternative for help with dementia earlier in the elderly lives.


In a word: Money. There is tremendous pressure for doctors to sell drugs. The worst part is that only antibiotics cure anything. All other drugs only mask symptoms.


Antibiotics help reduce dementia since when?


Sorry, I can see the play on words. Antibiotics cure only bacterial infection. Antibiotics cure something. All other chemical medicines treat only symptoms not the disease that causes them.
Regarding dementia, Dr Mark Mattson has done some remarkable work using fasting protocols to prevent and reduce symptoms of dementia including Alzheimer's disease.

Really very good information and timely in our times since the patient when consulting with the health professional indicates what would be best for him, no matter how necessary it is, we must educate the population, know how to listen and program so as to indicate the medications at a time in the state of health, since it is not the doctor who prescribes to please but to cure.

This pills madness is a marketing, from my point of view and from what I have seen, some pills are making it worse ... unfortunatelly, the pills are not working the same for all the pacients.

And is easier to give some medicine than to find a different way to "cure".


You are correct. Chemical medicine is one of several ways to treat diseases, but arrogance prevents considering them. Chemical medicine has a monopoly and it is just disgusting.

thank you for providing very useful information

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According to a John Hopkins study in the USA doing what your doctor tells you to do is the third leading cause of early death in America.

Yes man its the hard fact that we are eating these tablets as our food .

Here is my blog which I have written about these things .

Don't hesitate to visit.

I try to stay away from the synthetical medicine as far as I can and try to take care of my and my families health naturally using essential oils and we are amazed with all kinds of amazing results and I also try to share this information with others because I know they can benefit from it, like we did.
I have what the pharma and the governments are doing to it's people and I'm so glad that your are spreading the word.

I really do not like the big pharma. But they take advantage of people's ignorance.

If people knew that they could make huge gains in their health by simple measures, they wouldn't need so many pills.

Also, you take one pill you need 5 others becasue of all the side effects.

It's a vicious cycle....