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If you haven't heard yet, there is a new voting bot available to help you get your message out.

According to Wikipedia, Mercury is the:

patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence (and thus poetry), messages/communication (including divination)

among other things.

If you have a message you want heard, consider using @MercuryBot to help. MercuryBot currently has over 22,000 SP backing it, to makes sure your message is heard loud and clear.


Here's how it works:

  1. Copy the URL of the post / comment you want @mercurybot to vote on
  2. Navigate to your Wallet
  3. Select Transfer under Steem Dollars
  4. Populate To field with "mercurybot"
  5. Populate Amount field min "0.1" SBD or "0.1" STEEM
  6. Paste URL into Memo field
  7. Submit


Current rules

  1. Bid on posts only. (Bids on Comments not allowed)
  2. Maximum post age must be under 150 hours.
  3. Accepted currency - SBD or STEEM


Not Sure What A Bidding Bot Is?

A Vote Bidding Bot allows you to bid on a partial upvote of the bidding bot's full strength vote.

A new bidding round opens every 2.4 hours.

For example: Let's say Sam and Linda both bid in the same voting round. They are the only bidders. If Sam bids 2 SBD and Linda bids 4 SBD then Sam will get 33.33% of that round's full upvote and Linda will get 66.66% of that round's full upvote.


Don't sit around hoping your message is heard, use @mercurybot to make sure your audience hears you in this busy world.


Thank you very much for your kindness and prompt action. You are the man and and mane my day :)
Hope this system helps people and thanks for your contribution :)

Glad to make your day.

Just so you are aware, this has been fixed. Please be careful in the future.


This has been fixed. Please be careful in the future. The bot normally does not make refunds.

Congratulations @mercurybot, this post is the most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a Newbie account holder (accounts that hold between 0.01 and 0.1 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by newbie account holders during this period was 5039 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $6342.07. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

Bots everywhere :) Thanks for info.

You got a 21.73% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @bigpanda!

This post has received a 21.44 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @bigpanda.

Thanks for information Dear @mercurybot

Bid 0.1 should you sent me 0.79 but i just recived 0.30 why?

Nice content, nice photograph, keep it up. I follow you

Yoyo and xoss this amazing statue it's so great and most beautiful stayel .Like it's so much ...Best of luck

This post has received a 20.34 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @bigpanda

@boomerang distributes 100% of the SBD and up to 80% of the Curation Rewards to STEEM POWER Delegators. If you want to bid for votes or want to delegate SP please read the @boomerang whitepaper.

Just so you are aware, this has been fixed. Please be careful in the future.@mercurybot

Very interesting friends

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