Go for the smaller bots.

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When I started on steemit I discovered that there are issues with bid-bots, and the profit they say you'll get. The thing is, that the profit (rshares) displayed on your post decreases with time – and most of the time you'll loose money. Now here's a secret: you can actually make money on your posts. But you have to do it by making many posts, with smaller profits each. If you bid 0.001SBD, then you can't lose money (as that's the minimum payout on your post) – and are guaranteed a profit. The best bot I've discovered for this is speedvoter (but I'm tempted to stop, owing the fact that it's run by booster (big, evil etc.)). Drotto is good too. I've decided to switch to smaller bidbots though. Why? Scroll on.  

Here's where most people start to go wrong. They think profit! and all of a sudden they can't speak. They lose the ability to form a coherent sentence. They can't even spell a single word. All they can do is churn out pollution into the blockchain, burying anything worth reading under mounds of their spam. But they're not satisfied with selling their own blogs to the devil. They have to do it to everyone else's too; suddenly comments pretending to praise others posts (which they haven't even read), while really fishing for upvotes. At some point someone will flag their copy/pasted content and plagiarism – but they continue none the less. The money they pay to the big bots helps bot owners to remain wealthy and keep at the top of the chain. Everyone is roped into somehow doing something for the bot owners: delegating, frontrunning or using them. And in the end, the house always wins. We'll keep going like this for ever, using new users to supplement the old users – who figure out that it's all rigged. 

This community is capitalism, pure and simple. It keeps the smaller users at the bottom, and keeps them shelling out money to the bot owners – in the hope of profits which they'll rarely get (and if they do get any profit, they'll give it to the bots). 

What I want to create, to combat this, is an army of smaller bots – where people can be connected to many different bots. I want to encourage us minnows to stick together. If we pay each other, then we deny the whales the profits they feel they deserve, and build up a network of people who are used to doing business with each other. We can prove that anarchism could work (I'm not an anarchist) in the right circumstances. 

Let's build that network.  

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