Minnowfairy Update: Updated Rules and Policy Guideline

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Good day Steemians,

We're fine tuning our existing rules and policies on @minnowfairy.

The main change is that we have removed the restriction on the number of bids an author may place per bidding round. So for example, you have 2 posts that you would like to promote -- one published today and the other one published yesterday -- you can submit a bid for each post on the same bidding round.

As a reminder, be aware that as part of our broad base stance on responsible use of Steemit, we will continue to actively monitor against potential abuse of the system. Anyone convincingly found to be deliberately abusing the system will be added to our blacklist.

Here's the complete updated policy guideline. We've also added a section on our Refund Policy. This will supercede all policy guidelines that we have posted prior to today.



@minnowfairy is a bid bot. When you send in a bid, @minnowfairy will support your post by upvoting it. In addition, you also have the potential to gain back higher returns on your investment. Isn't that great?

Rules and Policies

Bidding RoundEvery 2 hours and 24 minutes (100% Voting Power)
Minimum Bid0.10 SBD or 0.10 STEEM
Post TypeOnly main posts will be accepted (Comments not accepted)
Tagsnsfw tags will not be accepted
Post AgePost must be written within 3.5 days

Refund Policy

Bids for posts that do not qualify will be automatically refunded, except if the payment came from exchanges such as Bittrex, Poloniex or Blocktrades. In such cases, we will not be able to issue a refund.

How to Join

  1. Copy the URL of the post you want @minnowfairy to upvote
  2. Go to your Wallet
    To bid in SBD: Under STEEM DOLLARS, click "Transfer"
    To bid in STEEM: Under STEEM, click "Transfer"
  3. Fill in all the fields in the Transfer to Account box:
    To field: Enter minnowfairy
    Amount field: Enter the amount to bid (minimum 0.10 SBD or 0.10 STEEM)
    Memo field: Enter the URL you copied in Step 1
  4. Click the Submit button
  5. If asked, provide your Active Private Key (Make sure you are using a trusted computer for this)


Appendix: How Bidding Bot Works

Every 2 hours and 24 minutes, @minnowfairy will upvote all posts from steemians who have placed a bid during the round. The Voting Power will be shared among all bids placed, weighted according to the amount bid.

For example: At the end of a round, a total of 5 SBD was submitted by 2 bidders. The first bidder placed 2 SBD, and the second bidder placed 3 SBD. As a result, @minnowfairy will upvote 40% of the full voting power to the first bidder, and 60% to the second bidder.


  1. Check the comment below for updates to the latest rules and policies.
  2. For issues, contact minnowfairy on Discord: @minnowfairy#2586
  3. More features will be introduced in the future. Stay tuned!



Please check our latest rules and policy guideline at: https://steemit.com/@minnowfairy/minnowfairy-update-rules-and-policy-guidelines

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Alright I will give it a shot and see what I get in return for a min bid. I am new to bid bots so learning as I go.

Here is the post I would like upvoted.

FaceBook vs. Steemit

I also am currently running a promo for a free upvote and follow to anyone interested check out my articles to find out more info.

Thanks !

ich will wissen ob das jeder benutzen darf und ob ich deswegen downvotes bekommen kann

This program is open to everyone who wants to promote their post. We highly recommend sending bids on quality content. This is what we advocate Steemians to do at all times.

Downvotes are usually given if you post any form of abusive content on Steem, such as, but not limited to, plagiarizing content. Please do not post these type of content.

We hope we've answered your question.

I have not seen minnow fairy today on the steembot tracker,is it active still

Hi @carkia, that's strange. It's still on the steembottracker from our screens and we are getting bids the past few rounds. Have you tried reloading the page?

Another possibility is if you accidentally applied some filters. Check the top of the table, the Vote Value button should be on the leftmost side of the bar.

Lastly, try opening steembottracker from a different browser (i.e. from your phone) and see if you're still not seeing it.

Let us know if you're still having issues.

I have opened a different browser I have seen it.thanks so much

Yay! Glad you've resolved it. You're welcome.

On the browser that's displaying missing info, one way to fix that would be to clear your browser cache for that site. That should reset your site settings.

Hi @carkia, on the browser that you aren't seeing @minnowfairy, have you managed to try it again? Is it still not showing?

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