Reward & Recognition for Minnows

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I <3 Minnows

There are more minnows than dolphins and whales combined, minnows are the heart of steemit and without them steemit would not be the lively and exciting place it is today. With minnows being the heart of steemit, they metaphorically pump blood, AKA blog posts, throughout the entire steemit body, AKA platform. For providing the blood flow of steemit, minnows should be Rewarded and Recognised (R&R) - as browsing tags would be stale and exciting content rare - thus, if we want steemit to be an exciting platform full of new and cool content we need the heart of steemit to be healthy i.e. minnows need R&R.

The Heart of Steemit

When we don't deal with our hearts and treat it well we get sick, comparably in the event that we don't treat the heart of steemit right the entire stage will start to debilitate and endure. In any case, it's anything but a troublesome errand to treat the heart right, the heart of Steemit as expressed before are minnows, for minnows to be solid or as it were keep on using steemit, they require R&R. At the point when minnows neglect to get R&R for their substance, they wind up leaving the stage and consequently debilitating it. To treat the heart of steemit right a remark, a resteem and most impactful of each of the, an upvote on their post are on the whole that are required.

There are numerous curation trails that have been conceived for the very motivation behind Rewarding and Recognising minnows, anyway they are insufficient, there are a large number of posts distributed day by day on Steemit, and these curation trails are run physically and people can just filter through such a significant number of posts. Along these lines, an alternate type of minnow R&R benefit is required, not to supplant curation trails but rather to work in parallel to accomplish a similar objective.

Solution: Voting Bots

Voting bots permit the move of onus, to a degree, from guardians to the minnows, these bots empower minnows to R&R their own work, in this manner minnow's never again need to depend on fortunes to favor them with a capable keeper. Obviously there are downsides in empowering minnows to R&R themselves however I would contend that the advantages exceed them.

Benefits include

  • Allows minnows to kick start their steemit career by getting a quality post into trending and hence building a following quickly
  • Voting bots have Terms & Conditions that outlaw abuse of their service - they also monitor and actively blacklist abusers
  • Voting bots can be used by anyone to give R&R to anyone else
    Quality users can profit off voting bots making self R&R and active contribution to steemit sustainable

Drawbacks include

  • Using R&R on spam posts
  • Bot voted posts dominating the trending section over community voted ones
  • You need money invested in steemit to use voting bots

I entreat you to weigh up these downsides and advantages and come up to a choice yourself. Yet, one this is for sure, voting bots are digging in for the long haul fit as a fiddle or another.

Bid-Bots for R&R

Bid-bots are one of the numerous awesome routes for a minnow to get R&R and can once in a while be the most productive. By basically sending SBD or STEEM (at the end of the day a bid)to a bid-bot with the connection of your post in the notice, you buy a weighted vote from a bid-bot that for the most part will have a far more noteworthy vote an incentive than your bid. Most bid-bots have T&C and have different parameters to avoid manhandle and ensure and fulfill bid-bot clients, the vast majority of which can be found on the bid bots blog or on steembottracker.

One such bid-bot is @cabbage-dealer, and I have promised to run @cabbage-dealer as a bid-bot that will dependably work for the improvement of the steemit group and in that capacity will dependably endeavor to give astounding client administration and support. Rest guaranteed that I perceive minnows don't have much SBD or STEEM and subsequently the base bid sum is 0.01 SBD, and I will dependably give discounts in the event that you don't get a vote. Moreover, I need to guarantee that all clients of @cabbage-dealer discover the administration gainful and henceforth will never permit a bidding round to go more than 110% limit.

I additionally comprehend that minnows might be new to how to utilize bid-bots and subsequently have made a point by point visual guide. It would be ideal if you see it here.

Help minnows get R&R while earning daily rewards by joining @cabbage-dealer

In the event that you wish to help me in my excursion to give minnows R&R you can delegate to @cabbage-dealer, and for your delegation you won't just enable minnows to get more R&R however you will likewise be winning day by day compensates. Click here to delegate.

Delegators get 100% of the day by day compensates meaning I don't take a cut, @cabbage-dealer is just a facilitator for delegators to procure rewards and help minnows.

Thank You!

Much obliged to you for setting aside the opportunity to peruse this post and I would like to see you as either a user or as a delegator. On the off chance that you have any inquiries, concerns or criticism, please don't hesitate to connect me on discord.


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