@cabbage-dealer - The new bidbot in town

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@cabbage-dealer - The new BidBot in town

Hi guys,

I am starting up a bidbot with this account, @cabbage-dealer, and am seeking delegations to help me grow this bot.

I will pay 80% of all daily rewards to all delegators.

This bot is run on postpromoter software thanks to @yabapmatt, who was very kind to help me setup this bot.

  1. This bot will be community minded and indeed fight spam and use a blacklist.
  2. It will provide refunds for invalid bids
  3. It will aim to be 100% transparent and I will strive to provide the best customer support
  4. This bot will only be possible by delegations and therefore I will strive to to take good care of my delegators

P.S. All delegations will be automatically updated and added through the bots software, so rest assure you will be assigned a part of the daily rewards as soon as you delegate.

Once this bot reaches minimum 5k SP, it will be listed on steembottracker.

Please feel free to contact me via steem.chat.


Hey there. I tried the bot. You didn't mention what the min/max bid is or how often it can be used. :)

The min bid can be found on steembottracker. The bidbot cannot be used more than 10 times in a bidding round.

To check info on bidding round visit: https://www.cabbage-dealer-bidbot.bid/api/bids

Im trying to raise 5k sp for this bidbot so i can list it on the bidbot voting bot list on steembot tracker. Once that happens it will be alot easier to see the total bids

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