Crowdfund a bidbot - Delegations receive a 100% share of the daily rewards

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Let's make a bidbot together

@cabbage-dealer will be a bidbot for the community by the community. This bidbot will always be listening to what the community wants and will promise to change to benefit the community as necessary.

To prove this I will be giving all those who invest through delegations a 100% share of the daily rewards for the first 3 months of this bot being active (1st April to 1st July). After the 3 month period I will be reducing this to 95% to allow this bid bot to be sustainable.

Furthermore, I recognise bidbots have undergone some big changes in recent times to become more community friendly, and I will undoubtedly also be incorporating these changes. Some of the major features that @cabbage-dealer will have are:

  1. Upvotes only posts
  2. Posts must not be older than 3.5 days and younger than 20 mins
  3. Follows a blacklist to prevent abuse
  4. Will refund all invalid bids

Some other important features include:

  1. Accepts SBD and Steem
  2. Min bid of 0.01
  3. Votes with 100% weight at 100% Voting Power

Also, @cabbage-dealer will pledge to fight spam and will actively seek and destroy them with the help of @steemcleaners. Therefore, all bids sent by blacklisted users will be donated to @steemcleaners.

Join me in creating a bidbot for the community by the community by delegating to @cabbage-dealer

All delegations are automatically registered by the bidbot software and will begin paying out from the next withdrawal.

You can use the following tool to delegate:

If you have any suggestions or concerns please comment below or contact me on or on discord at Cabbage-Dealer#6673 or join my discord channel


Wow black nd white

excellent that bid bot promises :D

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