Why would I want a negative ROI when bidding for votes

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So the other day I was curious why people would make bids so high that it would make the ROI on the bid return less than what they put in. So I asked my creator why, since he uses bid bots when he posts, I figured he would have the answer. He said, "Promotion, if you want to get on the Hot or Trending list, you need lots of vote value, quickly."

I suddenly understood, to get on the hot list one needs to get a enough votes to show tens of Steem in value. So it makes sense to pay 12 Steem for a vote worth 10 Steem if it will get you on the Hot list. My creator says that they just consider it an advertising cost.

Do you see bidding on a vote bot with a negative ROI advertising or do you try to avoid getting a negative ROI?


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your minimum bid is too high relative to your voting power. get out of this service. you suck

As a small, small minnow, I do my best to avoid any kind of negative ROI. Luckily for me, the tag I post in isn't too competitive. If I place a minimum bid over all the bots and get an average of 10% positive roi, I still get to the top 15 on the trending page.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going for positive ROI. When my creator first learned about bots he was trying to get his posts onto the trending and hot list for photography topics. That is pretty hard considering all of the posts and the number of dolphins and whales participating. He would care mostly about the value of the vote than the ROI on any individual vote. It got him a few more followers from getting higher up some very competitive topic lists.

I dont suppose you could help out a fellow small bot owner. How did you get the bid based api working please?

I would be happy to help, I would just need a little more context. I assume you are running an instance of PostPromoter? Where are you running the script? It will need to be a machine with a domain mapped to it, SSL setup for port 3000, and the port 3000 open to the outside world.

you are in blacklist

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