Let's test @thundercurator.

in bid-bots •  8 months ago

Disclaimer: This post is composed of my experience and opinions. I'm not providing you with any guarantee that you'll get the same results. 

This is a review of @thundercurator

Here's what @thundercurator offers: 

  1. Guaranteed minimum upvote of 0.24SDB (when sending 0.08SBD). This means that you'll make some money. 
  2. No comment option (yay!). This helps make your post look more organic, and doesn't make the comments section into a walking advertising board for bid-bots. 

Here's how much money I made: 

  1. Initial bid: 0.08SBD. 
  2. Recieved profit: Waiting for a full reward cycle to update this post. 

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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