Steem Factory - A Token For Every Steemit User

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The Steem Factory project wants to give every user a token. Our token STEEMFACTORY has been created with the same technology that Steem is built upon.

Why Does STEEMFACTORY Have Value?

The Steem Factory project is a cryptocurrency mining operation that currently mines Litecoin, Viacoin, Dogecoin, and Curecoin.

The number of coins we've mined on a weekly basis is valued at $81.28 on average. The capital cost of our mining equipment is over $11,000. Our monthly electricity cost is over $100 per month.

As a result, the STEEMFACTORY token has 'real' value because it is backed by an income producing project.


In order to receive this token, you must have a Bitshares Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (DEX) account. This is where you can buy and sell tokens.

If you don't have a DEX account, you can create one here.

After you have created your DEX account:

  1. Leave your Bitshares username in the comments section
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Follow @steemfactory

Stay tuned for more information.

Thank you @steemfactory

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I have resteemed this post and I follow @steemfactory
Cool project and thanks for the token!

The rewards have been distributed today. Check your Bitshares account.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)


Thank you

Resteemed and upvoted, followed both you and steemfactory. I like your initiative, good luck.

My Bitshares account is top-bitcoiner. Thank you!

You are welcome.


If you don't already have an account you can create on here: Sign up for bitshares.

MADLEN-FOX- it's on bitshares. resteem, and follow you. Interesting project. I want to participate. Thank you!

You are welcome.

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I went to DEX but couldn't create an account the create account button doesn't work for me.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Try this link to create a bitshares account

Nice project. But I don't have a bitshare account. I'll have to create one soon.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Try this link to create a bitshares account

Sounds like a plan. :)


Thanks for the reminder I wand to participate in this.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Try this link to create a bitshares account


I have resteemed this post and I follow @steemfactory!
My username: drthnv

I cannot find your username 'drthnv' on the DEX. Please resend your correct username.


I just sent it.



Bitshares username: HMS818

Everything done.

thank you for this

You are welcome.

I'm already follower and I have some tokens on Open Ledger. Thanks. Resteemed. oldtimer1

You are welcome.

Resteemed! My BS account name is: short-cut





Thank you @pairmike.

Cool project. Here is the account t-1975. Following and commencing resteem now! Thank you!

You are welcome.

I thought I already commented here, I've only been able to resteem some of the posts, the button doesn't show up on some, so I have to repost manually.
My account is tvulgaris.

what is your bitshares account name? tvulgaris is not correct. I can't send you the STEEMFACTORY token without your bitshares account name.

To correct my error here and elsewhere, my DEX name is t-vulgaris.

Resteemed and followed.

Thank you

Keep up the great work
Resteemed and upvtoed

You are welcome.


resteemed, upvoted & following :)

Thank you so much! Bright Blessings!

You are welcome.



I could not find Bitshares DEX Account named - surpassing-google

i am still very confused with bitshares. i dont even know password or anything. i cant even remember if i ever had a password but here is a link:

Is this the correct one?

Yes, I was able to find your account name. Initially it didn't show up, but it works now. I send you some tokens. Check your account.

Yes, i saw it . Thank you alot for all the effort. But i doubt if i can log in or do anything! I dont see anyway to log. Apart from the backup method, is there another to be able to enter advanced mode?

nevermind, i tried it again and it worked.

Thank you for your give. :)

What's your username on the Bitshares DEX?

h4ppyphoenix. Thank you ! :)

You are welcome.

Resteemed this post and followed @steemfactory. My Bitshares userename: mgbs

nice project keep up the good work :)

I'll have a look

Try this link to create a bitshares account