Steem Factory Mining Report - 4/8/2017

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Here is the Steem Factory Mining Report for the week ending 4/8/2017. This report details the cryptocurrency mining statistics of our operation.

For those of you not familiar with our project, Steem Factory is a small cryptocurrency mining operation. We are a community based project that donates rewards to the Steem community.

Weekly mining rewards - 4/8/2017

CoinAmount      USDTotal USD
Weekly Subtotal$94.37
Previous Subtotal$68.19


Supporters for this project can receive STEEMFACTORY tokens. This token has real value, as it is backed by our income producing mining operation.

In order to receive this token, you must have a Bitshares DEX account. If you don't have a DEX account, click here to create one.

To receive your STEEMFACTORY token, you must:

  1. Place your Bitshares DEX username in the comment section
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Follow @steemfactory (if not done so previously)

Tokens will be distributed within 14 days of the publication date. Note: You must complete steps 1 and 2 above for each report to be eligible.

Thanks @steemfactory




the steemfactory link is incomplete. seems to be the same for all posts
https://steemfactory/ ?

Check the links now.


This looks like an eobot mining operation :)

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Shoot correction, johnstor5, my apologies.


MADLEN-FOX resteem

have only 1 steamfactory bts :(



Bitshares DEX username: HMS818

I support your project, and have already received the reward for the previous repost. But for now I can't log in to my DEX-account. There is a button "create account" but no button to "log in account".

If you made a backup of your wallet just click on the "restore wallet from backup "option and browse to where your backup file is and select it.

Have you reinstalled the software since you previously used it?


Keep up the projects bringing value to the steemit community.


Thank you.


Thank you for your support. follow you