E188 2016-12-29 Peerplays, BlockPay, DAWN, VG + Sirlunch, SteemKure!

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Covered this Hangout


Check out the Peerplays Homepage for more info on #Peerplays including how to join the testnet!
Upvote and support their efforts by supporting quality updates and news articles on the Peerplays account.

@chris4210 of Blockpay

Check out the blockpay homepage for Updates!
Upvote and support @blockpay efforts by supporting quality updates on the @bitshares-munich Steemit Blog.


DAWN Project
Check out the DAWN github for Updates!
Upvote and support DAWNs efforts by supporting quality updates from @menta on steemit!
Check out the BitcoinTalk Announcement!


@virtualgrowth + @sirlunchthehost

Check out and upvote to support the StreemBets initiative where you can find updates and participate!

@krnel of SteemKure

Check out the SteemKure Announcement!

Have your own Project?

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