E181 Beyond Bitcoin - PeerPlays, SteemBets, Steemvoter, Gridcoin & Faddat!

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Jonathon Bahai of Peerplays. As always check the new Peerplays website for the latest updates on the Peerplays project. This week Jonathon is happy to announce that new additions have been made since the launch of the new site. He urges everyone to visit the site and see the new improvements and additions.

He also brings the following updates:

  • Private Testnet Launched for Brand New Peerplays Wallet
  • Peerplays wallet is written in Redux, which will enable more efficient and effective interaction with their users.
  • There will even be a sign-up process that makes it possible to recover lost passwords
  • Main testnet is still under way.
  • On-chain game is still on course to be released by next week!

Michael Maloney takes questions and answers.

Check out the Peerplays Homepage for more info on Peerplays including how to join the testnet!
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@virtualgrowth & @thecryptodrive of SteemBets & Steemvoter

"Steemprentice Mentoring Initiative is a group to essentially crowdsource help from veteran users for those that are new, frustrated, or just wanting to learn." ~@virtualgrowth

@thecryptodrive Starts a discussion regarding Steemvoter and its value to the steem community. He further informs us the creator has not received the funding he had hoped for and is for this reason now looking to sell the service for $3600USD.
@thecryptodrive would like to ask the community to consider helping him round up the $1800USD he currently needs to reach this goal.

@virtualgrowth talks a little bit about his newest initiative--Steembets. If you understand how SteemSports works, you will find Steembets very similar.

Finally, we can't forget about steemland! Unfortunately it is currently on hold, but If you would like to join, the prerequisite is to [download YRGrid] (http://www.yrgrid.com/). Joining up might keep it up and running!

Check out and upvote to support the StreemBets initiative where you can find updates and participate!

Check out and upvote to support the Steemvoter initiative where you can find updates on the initiative and volunteer to help

Check out and upvote to support the Streemprentice initiative where you can find updates on the initiative and those volunteering as mentors.

Join the Steemprentice Steemit.chat channel to participate in the real time discussion and ask for a mentor or even be one yourself!

@cm-steem of Gridcoin

@cm-steem reminds everyone of the weekly Gridcoin (GRC) hangouts every Saturday at 9pm UCT in the BeyondBitcoin Server. Attending these hangouts will reward attendees with GRC Tokens in the coming weeks!

cm announces three projects that have been moved off the whitelist and set to retire as they are no longer requiring work. Also reminds community members of the mandatory upgrade for gridcoin clients.

@cm-steem gives furhter request for bitshares community to support PC's worker proposal to resolve and reset markets after black swans.

Mentions new Polls:

Further, @cm-steem draws attention to the monthly BOINC project brainstorming thread on Steem.

This and much more in the hangout!

Finally. Don't forget that Project Rain lets you send new tokens to all 500,000 active BOINC users. Sharedrop on a community Older than Bitcoin!

Check out the @cm-steem's Steemit Blog for Updates!
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@faddat of Beyond Bitcoin

Faddat and Fuzzy discuss with the community regarding their efforts to build a website that all steemians an utilize to build their own content creation/curation guilds which can add a new economic layer to steem.

The first phase is nearing completion and all that is needed now is for the community to find bugs and inform @faddat, @baabeetaa & @officialfuzzy about them.

To see the template that has been paid for by beyondbitcoin's @officialfuzzy by going to beyondbitcoin.io. When you are there, consider all the beneficial ways such a site could be used for other communities both inside and outside of steem.

Faddat explains his intentions to create a universal data store chain that compliments Bitshares, Steem and potentially other chains by enabling people to connect identities between chains.

And much more...

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lookin good. hope have more time to listen(and post more) thanks for posting

Thanks for holding these hangouts & for the rapid audio editing.

I totally need to listen to the hangout again, one of the attendees responses went over my head (lol).

Very cool! I am super honored @officialfuzzy, thanks so much!

No man. Very cool of YOU for making it :)

Planning to have another challenge soon, btw if u want to try your hand again ;)

I am ready, for sure! I'll be watching for your post.

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E181 Beyond Bitcoin - PeerPlays, SteemBets, Steemvoter, Gridcoin & Faddat!
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E181 Beyond Bitcoin - PeerPlays, SteemBets, Steemvoter, Gridcoin & Faddat!
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@officialfuzzy - What was the movie or video you wanted to show me, again? You suggested it when we were talking about decentralized BOINC servers and decentralized artificial intelligence.

Haha cool, very relevant to [email protected] then :D