E170 Beyond Bitcoin - BlockPay ICO Updates, BitShares, Jewels ICO & SteemPress!

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#1 w/ $12.73 -- @chris4210 of Blockpay

BlockPay's CEO @chris4210 makes announcements on their successful funding push--they have already earned over $300,000 (650BTC) to build further! Also reminds everyone of the buyback for OPENPOS token holders who wish to trade in OPENPOS at a ratio to 1:1.2 for BlockPay tokens. "We are completely building 100% on bitshares for all of our projects".
Updates on Stealth, Echo and other future projects to be released!
Check out the BlockPay Homepage for more info on #blockpay
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#2 w/ $14.15 -- @Brindleswan

Asked Chris to go before him, thus giving up the #1 spot.
We dig into various bitshares issues with special emphasis on a discussion between sidechains, User Issued Assets (UIAs) and Market Pegged Assets (MPAs). Discussion moves into steem and a brings Chris in to ask if steem can be integrated with bitshares based projects as well.
Talk about most forum activity moving to the [bitshares tag] and the possiblity of moving bitshares forums to one with steemit as a backend (https://www.steemit.com/created/bitshares)
Check out @brindleswan at his steemit blog

#3 w/ $11.12 -- @Pro4never

Joins us to discuss Jewels Coin ICO and plans for the Use of Jewels as the primary currency for multiple games to use via a auctionhouse functionality. Jewels will make it possible for gamers to trade items for jewels bought directly through the game or sell them for funding.
And the first game APEXConquer!
Check out his steemit blog

#4 w/ $6.36 -- @forrestwillie

Talks about the history of theSteempress Podcast and upcoming plans turn a shut down church into a Steempress podcast location. Talks about the joy of working on steemit and how it caught their eye.
Check out his steemit blog
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A lot of useful links. Thanks.

Fuzzy, please can you include the Mumble chat history in future posts?

Ill consider it but am not entirely sure if i should because those who wish to be recorded will speak out loud.

Will certainly consider it though.

I don't think including the chat record is a good idea. The chat is for "of-the-record" conversations most of the time or to point out things around the show. Many people don't expect it to be posted or publicly archived anywhere. Questions from the chat that are relevant are quoted and answered aloud, so I can't see a reason for this.

@vato: If you're interested in the chat on the side, you should definitely join some day :)

Happy to see @chris4210 & co understand how important STEALTH is.

Also very happy that they have managed to raise the very decent amount they mention (so far, it should only go up!) - these guys truly deserve it, and I know the money will be put to good use.

@chris4210 is doing amazing things with kencode rodrigo andany others in the bitshares community. They will indeed do great things.

Isn't this supposed to be #170?
Episode #171 is next Friday if I'm not wrong.

Thank you for another excellent show with great discussion and views on the cryptocoin sphere. Always inspiring to listen live to your show and guests.

Thanks for catching this. It has been changed and you get a bigger upvote coming. :)

nice :)
Just trying to help you out friend. Looking forward to the next show.

I've watched the progress of GameCredits for a while now. I suppose I'll have to do some research on Jewels as well. thanks for the heads up! New follower now :)

Never heard of SteemPress podcast good job!
Going to add this to the Video/Podcast SteemIt forum section :)

They are good guys. I love them and appreciate their work. They also seem to be grabbing lots of attention from the community ;)

Wow... this is some great info. I will be delving into this and checking them out. 100% on Bitshares for all of your projects is great. :)

Very informative. I'll start checking these links out this afternoon.

you can also join the hangouts if you want and listen in. Or even ask project leads that interest you to RSVP :)

@officialfuzzy Thanks!, Great post again. Going to check out all the goodies in it!

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