Breaking: @Officialfuzzy and @jamesc open up BitChute + Steem Partnership Connection! Will the Community Rise to the Occasion?

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Steem + Bitchute = MoOn!

Straight to the point:

I got Creator of the Torrent-Powered Youtube Killer BitChute interested in collaborating with Steemit. And all it took was lots and lots of texts, asking him to follow me on social media so I could pm him until finally I reached him and talked about Steem. (Ironically I don't sell steem to people by talking first and foremost about the payouts...I Lead w/ Censorship Resistance!)

This will be short and sweet because most of my work has been done behind the scenes finding and catching Ray Vahey of BitChute, but suffice it to say I have been working hard since the launch of Steem behind the scenes to get big players looking at and talking about Steem if not diving in right away. Ray Vahey is perhaps my largest catch yet...
I could write a big prosy essay about Ray and BitChute: A YouTube Powered By BitTorrent Is Here With No Censorship but I'll leave it to the previous link to describe it and the following quote to express his motivations:

“The idea (of bitchute) comes from seeing the levels of censorship ascending in the great social multimedia platforms in the last years. Expulsions, demonetization, and adjustment of algorithms to send certain content to the deepest, and want to do something about it”.
I knew that creating a clone was not the answer. Many have tried and failed. And it would inevitably grow to be an organization with the same problems, in any case.” ~Ray Vahey~

I brought @jamesc into the conversation and we have been for quite some time now talking about the benefits of BitChute partnering up with Steem and even how it could be used to embed videos on Steem like people do with Youtube:

(Screenshot or It Didn't Happen)

And they are even interested in a Witness to help pay to develop and help with Steem Collaboration!

Wait Wait...But there is More!

Ray and I are currently talking behind the scenes about a Community driven initiative to give BitChute more insights on HOW BITCHUTE AND WE CAN CREATE SYNERGIES!

It is a powerful time and I must say that I will continue giving amazing news like this at our Beyond Bitcoin Hangouts as well as posting them to Steemit....Because I will not stop trying to help our community and the projects I believe in. So Stay Tuned for Our Community Collaboration Post coming soon! There your well-thought out feedback and ideas will be welcomed by the Creator of BitChute (and at least a few happy whales).

P.S. You want to know how to become a whale in crypto? Work hard, never give up and realize that you offer your own unique value propositions to the world. The Only question is how you use them--or just as importantly, if you choose use them at all.


I'm sure it should have been me chasing you because what you guys have built here is amazing. BTW Fuzzy that's a crazy amount of unread emails :-)

Our paths are coming together at an important time; hardly a day goes by when Google or Facebook are not making some censorship related news. Let's take this as an opportunity to build social media 2.0. Decentralized, censorship-resistant and a true meritocracy.

I see some comments asking if BitChute uses a blockchain, not currently but this is another level of decentralization we do want to achieve and one of the things we've been discussing with you guys. How we can best integrate to get the BitChute on the blockchain. We're WebTorrent based which makes sense for large files and bandwidth, but there's nothing to prevent us mixing and matching.

Which leads me on to say that we are very interested in obtaining a steem witness position.

Fuzzy has been incredible and has volunteered to organize a community idea-drive. So come on all you guys, join us and let's put a boot on the butt of censorship! And pick the best ideas for creating synergy between our platforms. Fuzzy is paying with the money earned on this post ;)

  • Ray

thanks for the kind words and interest Ray. This is what we need because...well we know what is happening on youtube and other social media. Instead of fight them...i say we outbuild them and make them sadly irrelevant ;)

Then we can throw bread to them at the park where we keep them safe from themselves. :D

Please note: This appears to be a confusion of Steem (the blockchain) and Steemit (a company, and its website).

This project is not at this time partnered or affiliated with Steemit, this post being the first I've heard of it. :)

Correct. In a blockchain...people dont need to ask permission to do epic things. :)

Just the way we like it. 😍

I for one enjoy hearing about Epic things happening in Blockchain!

I believe the comment is just about the title including the wording 'steem partnership connection'. Of course it's great for people to do epic things :)


you rock Fuzzy!

Nope I simply bust my ass when others tend to sit around complaining...
and over years and seems to finally be paying off. ;)

True that, but you make it pay off for everybody not just yourself ;)

Smart people who share. You two are much alike, aren't you? :)

It takes time, struggle, discomfort and effort but when finalised then all bad and hard time evaporate with rain of Happiness!!! Cheers 👍

We definitely need an alternative to youtube for information that might be a huge target for sensorship.

I work for an open science project that is about to test two claims of zero point, free energy delivering systems and you can imagine the resistance that information would have to being widely available.

Thankyou for making this effort.

Time tested path to success! Well done

I like how you roll my friend. I wish more people had your mentality, myself included.

I kept wishing.. no praying for a Youtube killer on the blockchain! Yes "take that Youtube" plus 2 more!

Nice to see that Internet is changing for the better! Power to all who recognize the worth!

PLS help. I can't find the right answer.

How I can import single BTC key form Angelshare donation in Bitshares 0.9.3 wallet. Just need CLI command for that. In user interfase thera are only options for whole wallet in .dat format. Thank you. that is a good way.

Thank you

You with those sad eyes....dont be discouraged. Oh i realize....its hard taking courage, in a world full of people. You can lose site of it all and the darkness inside you can make u feel so small.... :]

Love the platform bitchute but how can I put my videos on Steemit and why does it show sideways. Please help me :)
I predicted / ASKED for this even came up with a plan for this a MONTH ago, PLEASE if you are going to upvote this post, then PLEASE upvote MY post which predicted this WEEKS ago and goes into alot of detail with my ideas for how we could integrate the two! PLEASE people I DESERVE some love here ;) lol I mean come on predicted EXACTLY this type of Bitchute steemit partnership and i HOPE my Steemit post actually inspired the right people here to actually reach out to bitcchute or vica versa! We need to allow for our own youtube style embeedding of bitchute videos too!

only problem with bitchute is their terrible TERRIBLE unopen policy where you must already have a popular channel onyoutube to evenAPPLY for a bitchute channel! I have NO idea why they only let certain people join! Anyone should be able to signup and IMMIEDTALy begin uploading videos!

But thats just my criticism with bitchute! I still saw it as the only real decentralized competitor to youtube AND i saw STEEMIt as a way to MONETIZE bitchute videos

Heh. Some of us (me being one of them) have been saying this for several months. :)

I've been advocating for bitchute for several months now, and naturally that means we need a way to embed their content in steemit posts. :)

Hell yes man!!

But more importantlu we need to teach these assholes like youtube they cant censor without 2 cents..

Ok then you deserve a cut of the bitchute money too then! LOL WHERE MY STEEM AT

The question is less about predicting what ill do next...and start doing what i do...which is bringing people onboard. Why so jelly? Close and get paid bro. If u wrote this news instead of predicti g someone else would do the work to get it opened up... (instead of a prediction i HAPPENED to work hard to make come true) you would likely have higher pay out than i do :/

The problem is that spending all ones time pontificating without doing never progresses us forward. So though I will kindly say i'm glad you saw the importance of bitchute...i in no way got the idea from you and indeed have been pursuing it myself for quite some time now (before it was even popular).

Don't worry, you will have a way to make money off of what I made here (if you work for it). Cause I dont keep MOST my earnings since I pay alot out of pocket to build stuff to help...

If you don't believe me...just watch me. Actions speak louder than words. Mine have for nearly 4 years of unpaid work in this space. ;)


Hi @ackza that's our soft launch. Basically, we gave out limited channels as a way to find problems and fix them without being flooded by support queries. So no need to worry about that one. Thanks for writing that post, I'm sure you had a big effect.

Firt of all THANK you for your work on this amazing platform! Second of all , dont worry about my attitude, dont take my snappy remakrs personaly! Its ok I am a spoiled brat! Dont take my comments personally! I just feel a need to speak my mind as I know I can speak for many others thinking the same way! I dont fee like i am entitled to any money from this platform! I didnt do any of the work i just wrote my thoughts out into a steemit article and obviously I wasnt the only one with that idea!
I just wanted the opportunity to start a bitchute account as it seemed to be a closed system but now i know it was because it was a soft launch but I still am part of this generation that wants instant gratification!
! Will Bitchute eventually allow anyone to singup as easily as youtube? I just want people to use bitchute and torrent hosting instead of youtube to completely take youtube out of the equation! I VERY MUCH apreciate your work here and upvote ALL your posts! AgainI apologize for my spoiled entitled attitude! I just have so much passion for this platform the blockchain and the idea of monetizing memes! I just had no idea ow CLOSE my dreams were of using crypto crrency steemit style system top reward content creators WITHOUt any ads! But i would have no problem with a little bit of ads like how reddit has! We wont need ads for a while but the ability to pay to promote your stoory beyond the promotion @null wll be revolutionary!

Also i already got $1 from my comment above lol thats wall i meant about wanting a cut lol and i got it!

So now I would love to help ALL the youtube creatorss BANNED from Keemstar to Filthy Frank who got either banned or had monetization cut off...or h3h3 ethan and hula klein who have youtube threaten to demonetize them over and over...If we got h3h3 and their over six million subscribers to migrateto youtube we would add more users to steemit than we curently have (171,000 users as of today!)

Again THANK you for yoru work and I tried upvoting all your posts but you seem to only have resteemed others posts so Ill just upvtethose and upvote your comments! i will try and show as many youtuers BitChute whemever you say its ready!

Hey @ackza

I wouldn't have wanted anything else, you saw a problem, spoke out and gave us a chance to reply.

That's how things should be dealt with, not swept under the carpet. Decentralization along with the transparency and accountability it brings are the keys to solving a lot of problems.

My attitude towards ads is to let the content creator decide, they know their audience and they know their expenses, and if that's what suits them then have at it. When in doubt, I really like the opt-in approach.

Hell yeah, we're going to open it up to everyone! The bottleneck right now is development and resources, we're working on those. In fact we're going to open it more than YouTube, federation baby :-)

You're right, we need to get blogging/vlogging!

You wasn't the only person which wrote to him about Steem ;)

I also send him an email about that with more details :) So I believe, that is an joined effort ;)

noisypl Krzysztof Szumny tweeted @ 26 Feb 2017 - 23:15 UTC

@rayvahey any progress with integration BitChute with Steem Network?

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

To be fair to me...I never said I was. What I AM though is the only one Ive seen posting about actually completing the task (as opposed to the 20x Ive seen talking about how SOMEONE ELSE should do it---but expecting huge payouts).

Perhaps some of the community has risen up to the challenge already--I appreciate you noisy but definitely hope we get more on board too :)

All i know is i spend alot of time doing this and for all the people who say they reached out for some reason im the one who is writing a post about how I know they are personally wanting to join us and preparing a community initiative for it.

Reaching out and closing are two supremely different things to be fair, but im glad you did! It MAY have helped!

Thanks noisy, I don't think anyone here is trying to take away any credit. We had to reach a point where we were happy with the stability of the platform before committing to integrations. The main thing is we're here now and ready to help. Really looking forward to your ideas.

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

I'm glad I save my re-steems for special posts like these!

Haha me too :)

Wonderful job it will no doubt boost up the steemit family and explore more ways to spread steemit community all over the world.

Thanks for all your hard work for the community! Nice to have something to slay YouTube!

wow, amazing reward @officialfuzzy!!!

Веселые картинки

I wish you the best of luck in your work!

Thank you for making this effort. :)

Potent collaboration shooting us all to the moon! Thanks for sharing the great news our way. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Do you mean "jamesc1" or simply 'jamesc"? Because there is no "jamesca" on Steemit!

thanks you are right! mistype! I know him from bitsharestalk (as jcalfee) so I didn't know. thanks!

Crazy cool!!

I think so too :D

All it takes is a bit of stubborn persistence and ACTUALL giving a damn! (go figure!)


I reached out to them really early on on twitter! :P

stubbornness and resolve is all you need! dont worry youll catch one!
you would not believe how many ignore me for me to snag one.
seriously...caring about it and not giving up. you keep rocking!

I couldn't agree more with your statement! Just persistence can win the day!

sadly...persistence is REQUIRED more and more just to have freedom these days.

the big driving force behind my love for this community is that they appreciate work like this...which means we can help fight back against the encroaching darkness of censorship and a new dark age these "elite" want to being upon us man.

That is why I do it at least. though finally getting paid for it feels good too!

Wow Fuzzy. Game changer. I just recorded my first ever vlog.

Well done!!

Nice post, upvoted! Thank you.

Well done! It has been a great catch.
I hope he will invest in Steemit too and will become Witness as said.
This is a great moment for Steemit and the high value of rewards is attracting again several people!
Let's fish again together and growing eating plancton :)

That is just great. 🤗😁😉

Very cool. Congratulations on your ass bustin hard work. Lot of people bust their buns in many ways, it is encouraging to see something like this continue it's inevitable journey of success!

jacobts jAcΩb tweeted @ 12 May 2017 - 20:04 UTC

I am the new Youtube. I am Bitchute by Fuzzy & the Gang.… /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Can we put & in the mix along with MeWe? Great work, thank you!

This really is a fantastic idea, I hope you guys can make it happen!

Good work @officialfuzzy,

Really cool.

Wow @officialfuzzy ! This is the best news I've seen for Steemit this year. Definitely partnership!

Lol my inbox has over 5000....I gave up. I always feel bad.
Now I see that fuzzy himself has trouble keeping up.
Interesting post, let's see what it leads to :)

lol same here.

I get SO MUCH trash and its like even if i try to kill it...its like an army of zerglings that just keeps coming. so i gave

This is something I've been wanting to happen for months. I've been speaking of it off and on. That this is actually happening is some of the best news I've heard in awhile. This combination is truly a killer combination. This is what we need for preservation of history, and censorship resistance.

If they can get the ability to embed their media in steemit posts that would be a good start.

Looks like things are rolling in the right direction.

I knew it would happen soon. YT is soon to be dead and the crators have to go somewhere. Wanted to start a channel myself but I knew they had problems. This is perfect!!

You are doing such a great job!!!

Thank you for all you do for Steemit!

I appreciate that. The fact you notice means you carem we are going to need people who care. For the next phase.

Nice post! i just followed you

Its good idea, thank for creator @officialfuzzy

Oh im not the creatpr though i feel blessed to be in the position we are in today :)

oh sorry, but thanks good news @officialfuzzy

This is really awesome!

Great news!!

Resteemed and shared with our followers on Fb and Twitter.

i love you guys btw...i want to talk to you about a huge partnership opportunity. Please let me know an easy way to reach you?

Thanks man! We love you too!! :)

We're the #news tag in SteemTrail. Hook up with Rick and Joe!! :)

I lo0ove it ! I believe that steemit will go viral , this community will grow and will give great opportunities to everyone no matter what race or status you are . :-) Thank you for sharing @officialfuzzy. Instant UV and RS!

This is crazy! @pharesim introduced me to Bitchute just a few days ago and I went all "damn!"

Was wondering how Bitchute was going ahead with the monetary integration that they had mentioned in their FAQ. Steem seemed to be the most suitable choice by design and here it is! Great going!

Good news for steemit bad news for YouTube. After Reddit now YouTube rest in piece.

I many more centralized and institutional players are we gonna doom? Lol

so much money!envy you!

Don't. There is a reason I got here where i am today and it took ridiculous amounts of sacrifice.

Also...prob will be using what i make from this post for our next initiative---want to know why people upvote the hell out of me? because they know the money will go BACK into the project and making it better.

looks like steemit started giving me new news in my unknown areas..

Very good. :)

Bring stars to shine on Steemit.

My friend @officialfuzzy is there any way for me to invest in this project in any way, shape or form? Do you have a cryptocurrency, or something of the likes? I just tried it out, and it felt amazing! I feel like this could be the future of how we do things in terms of video uploading, and we don't even upload them there, but simply let people BitTorrent them, so they're not stored there, which is absolutely amazing! Does BitChute use a blockchain, or does it use a traditional Bit Torrent thingy?

Anyway, man, this is some amazing shit, and I see you've already got Colbert on there, which is good. I want to be able to somehow invest in this platform of yours. Can I? If so, how?

Thank you!


not atm but there is the potential!

@gliten Not right at the moment but offering investment is a very good idea and definitely something I'm going to follow up on. Have you invested in similar ventures, and if so what platforms/methods have you used?

The blockchain is on the roadmap and something I hope we can do a requirements capture for in the idea-drive.

Very promising

I like this site. Ill need help to get in hope u aproove me :)

Nice :)

As Bitcoin is increasing its value and approaching its value to Golds record high back in 2011 it makes you wonder if Crypto-currencies will become the new precious metals in a digital world.

Hehe...sometime soon :)

Great post, hope it works out!

Facebook, twitter, youtube....RIP

Moon?... Steemit + Bitchute = ANDROMEDA!

I pee on the bowl to make less noise

um yes. you CAN pee on the bowl. But from some angles it makes MORE noise and a mess...

I prefer to work hard behind the scenes and only come out talking about myself when ive done something awesome. I am humble at heart but feel its VERY important to notice when you have done something good. I am surprised to see so much Jealousy in here for something I suspected people would be thrilled about!

For the record I never made one fluff post about this...I ONLY posted when I had a hook in a big fish.

People can hate, I'll keep doing while they keep bitching...

LOL a nice 2 cents noob 😂


I have been saying this in videos, the combo of Steemit and BitChute means there is no more censorship!

Fantastic! Resteemed.

Moon stopover then straight to mars via steem powered rocketship, kudos fuzzy the community is with you all the way 😀

  1. Great combination
  2. Promoting creative free and Open content development
  3. Reach ideas to benefit financially without the a complete need to track royalty and rewards.

nice post :)

very interesting, thanks for sharing.

That's pretty friggin sweet you guys and gals. Outstanding!!!

Well done and good luck in the future!

Spectacular news!

Waawwww amazing!! great job. I like your post. Thank's for the sharing. I will up vote and follow you brother :) @officialfuzzy

I attempted to embed a BitChute video into a steemit post today and I just shows up as a link. I hope they can work with Steemit to show up like Youtube videos. I joined them and uploaded a short video to their site and then made a post here on Steemit.

From what i know they are working on itbas we speak!

Love your work sir!

Thanks for the hard work!!!