BitShares Hangout #26 - 2017-06-23 - OpenSource Agenda [Top BitShares Worker Proposals will Earn WhaleShares!]

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BitShares Hangouts Attendees with LTM's will Earn WhaleShares for Attending this session!

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The Format of these Hangouts:

These hangouts will have a moderator who will go through a list of worker proposals and other useful crowdsourced voluntary information that is brought to the steemit thread where I post these hangout announcements. Those who join these hangouts as audience members will receive random sharedrops of whaleshares tokens to upvote their own bitshares (and beyondbitcoin of course) related content. Those who join with Worker proposals ill get a Guaranteed 20 WhaleShares (approx $60 value) just for joining with a worker proposal. If you are a worker who is joining with piles of work you have not already been paid for, you will likely receive MANY MORE whaleshares (which can bring you literally 1000's of dollars over the course of a single month) even if your worker proposal does not get voted in!

Our hangouts will range from 45-60 minutes and the moderator will do his best to move seemlessly through topics at hand. Do you want to get some resources or working on your passion---bitshares? We can help you! But only if you help us... ;)

What will I get from Participating?

I'm really changing things around after a long week of thinking. Since the tools I've needed for so long are finally becoming available and beyondbitcoin has grown to have over 3000 weekly listens on soundcloud alone (not including youtube and bitchute platforms). WhaleShares has now opened up the opportunity for me to even pay out in steem dollars, steempower, reputation and visibility those posters who use the Steem platform to represent the BitShares community--Ethereum is beating us currently on there! So I want this thread to be a place where people post about issues, news, and MOST IMPORTANTLY worker proposals for the Bitshares Ecosystem. Over this past 4 years, I believe I have proven that I am willing to continue helping this community even through the hardest times.

In short, I once wanted to build trust and prove my intentions for this project and all the future projects it makes possible before asking what I saw many others over time receive (and take with little to no results). But now I feel like it is a fair time to ask support from the community with whom I have bled on the field of crypto battle. I will begin taking a bigger role if the community lets me. But that first step requires your consideration as a proxy so these bitshares hangouts can become a place to not only show people how alive and vibrant this grassroots community effort is, but also show them that good works that are already done get rewarded in both reputation, recognition and funding.

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And let's not get SP through upvoting quality information and content worth sharing with the top minds in crypto across the graphene ecosystem!

Is any topic off Limits?

Yes. We reserve the right to learn from the newest trickster trolling steemit consistently searching for way to insert chaos into the equation and devise future strategies for negating these. Naturally if these efforts become ham-fisted attempts at shutting down free speech in honest conversations, the audience will hold us accountable.
But with that said....pretty much anything can be covered--even up to and including current events. However, I personally will only be voting up stories that touch the blockchain in some way shape or form and will be asking the community to downvote absolute Rubbish! ;)

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There are many interesting and important worker proposals for BitShares but in my opinion the highest priority due to time constraints is the following.

Worker Proposal: Report on EOS "Integration"

Several ideas are being considered for how "integration" with EOS might occur. Some of the ideas that have been developed by others are:

  1. Modify BitShares block header and do side chain with EOS
  2. Full port of BitShares to Wren running on top of main-EOS chain
  3. Upgrade BitShares Architecture with lessons learned from EOS
  4. Both, (3) and (2) with sidechaining

Each have their pros and cons.

If this future integration might be funded by a future worker proposal in BitShares, a report could be prepared and presented to the community.

I concur with what @officialfuzzy said in a past episode; If bitshares does not create a free to use decentralized exchange on EOS, someone else will, and eat our lunch. (I am paraphrasing here)

Thanks a bunch for sharing all this information with us all!

I'm wondering if I can buy directly Bitshares from Seem or SBD? Any idea???

Have a wonderful day, thanks a bunch for all your help and dedication, namaste :)

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Bitshares is an coin and is therefore available for purchase on the exchange. They are also having a livestream tomorrow. The first in 6 months and Obits will begin auctioning. You can purchase Obits with Bitshares. Steem is also on their exchange. In fact they are the only exchange that hasn't been hacked yet.
Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 3.01.04 AM.png

Interesting information here, thanks a lot for sharing. This is valuable. Namaste :)

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Of course you can, use blocktrades, set up from steem, or sbd NOT open.steem open.sbd had issues and needed to ticket a refund with that, but steem or sbd works fine.
you send from your account to blocktrades, and don't do it without the memo and everything will go smoothly!

Thanks a bunch, I just did it and it worked super smoothly, so far... I look forward to see the result of it within the next day.

Namaste :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Next day? A couple of minutes at most for me so far, make sure you always put in the memo, otherwise you'll have to be refunded lel, lucky steem doesn't charge on transfers

I am new to bitshares and steem. Absolutely loving the technology.

I recently purchased bts on both the dex and polo. It was wonderful to send bts from polo using a username versus copy paste some random string of characters.

So fast as well.

Looking forward towards learning more from your hangout


I needed some direction on this and now here it is. I will follow the steps. Thanks Fuzzy :)

Hei @officialfuzzy I followed you, so I read all your stuff I like, so I chose it. Unfortunately, my minnow vote is not worthy of you. I have tried to shift my subject to see if I am getting a bit of charm. Hmmm one shows $ 3.50 and one today has reached $ 9 maybe we need to understand our audience here. Look at them as consumers. What are they hungry Maybe, I keep trying new corners.

What happened with the Blockpay Telegram group? It was deleted out of the blue.

I thought I had accidentally left the group, it vanished in front of my eyes :S

Perhaps it's damage control? Wasn't Chris the admin?

I know I wanted to read the last messages to learn what or who decided to close it down.

Yeah unfortunately this leaves the investors even more on the dark, since these seems to be taking legal actions, I guess some of the fighting has been moved behind closed doors and soon behind courts or arbitration boardrooms.

Thanks for this important information. However, it will be better if the EOS integration helps to offer Altcoins exchange instead of going for only Ether and BTC as the main exchange/leverage medium. Nice post and thanks again.

Bitshares ist the best Proyect.

Nice post my friend but I have a question.....On the bitshares wallet, are you able to transfer in bitshares from another platform directly? To me I just see the option to buy it directly. Thanks mate.

I'm not sure if this is what you mean though you can trade it out of bittrex and poloniex, there is a fee from their end, I don't think they like you decentralizing your exchanging and not paying many fee's

That is what I am asking....I just don't see BTS on the transfer page. i see every other crypto besides that one...Thanks @sols

the "withdraw" feature is for UIA's. Use the "send" feature (left hand side under your account picture) for sending BTS from account to account.

Found it!!! Thank you. Not sure why I wasn't opening my eyes and looking around the screen.

Lol yes....true.

"20 WhaleShares (approx $60 value)"

So this:

Is worth +/- $600?

Not sure i understand your question :/

Well, I won the 200 Whaleshares (see above) but didn't figure out how to best use them? And what they were worth?

Whaleshares token is on the bitshares exchange :)

U can use them to get whalevotes from my account!

Thanks for information resteemed to get my followers to see it as well.

A good option for those interested.
Thank you for good posting.
Have a nice day @revelim

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Congratulations @officialfuzzy!
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what is the good trade site to buy bithshare? any suggestion

Nice one there I will register for it

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Following you @officialfuzzy in order to get more amazing posts (wow, I love this one too) and support you....upvoted. Fired up and ready to go.

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Upvote after reading silly :]

we needed some direction on this and now here it is. I will follow the steps. Thanks Fuzzy :)

Is Bitshares realy reliable to invest them

Please comment

Thank you for the information. Certainly appreciate.

This is a very good information. Thank you.

Thanks guys !!

Thanks for the offer ....

Bitcoin Blockchain Raises Record $40 Million in Google Ventures-led Series B


Im sorry but i dont upvote people posting things that do not pertain to the topic of this thread.

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Wow Thanks for this post bro :D

This is very good information, keep sharing sir :)

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Hoping to make it next hangout. Resteeming.

You seriously always have the best info! Unfortunately that day I'm up to my ears in clients (which is a good thing) but I will definitely download what you recommend to be ready for the next one. Happy Thursday!


Im trying to bring value and show people that you dont have to code to help coders build amazing things ;)

Too many people dont think longterm.

And that's unfortunate.
Still getting the hang of The8App, so far so good! Way better than IG.
Thank you once again!

As a newbie here,im very excited and looking forward to this.

I still can't understand bitshares however I want to learn and start there as people are saying they make good money there

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Which part are you struggling with? This basic summary from reddit ( explained it quite nicely I thought:

It's a coin (symbol BTS), like Bitcoin (BTC), but also a platform (which can lead to some confusion). You can own and trade Bitshares (BTS) as you would any other coin (ETH, BTC, DASH etc) - for example on Poloniex - pair BTS/BTC), but the real magic is the platform which is like an entirely decentralized financial ecosystem.

The Bitshares platform covers features such as;

  • The DEX (Distributed Exchange): An exchange like Poloniex or Bitfinex for example, but one that isn't centralized and anyone can use. Install the client at\download and take a look.

  • UIA (User Issued Assets): Equivalent to stocks quoted on the New York Stock Exchange, but created by users of the Bitshares platform by locking away some of the BTS they own (Similar to how a company creates shares). User Issues Assets can then be traded on the Decentralized exchange in the same way as people trade stocks on the NYSE. For example; you could set-up a company, get people to fund you some BTS (or use your own), create your own UIA (just like all companies that have an Initial Public Offering - IPO - do) and return those people your UIA in exchange. People can trade your UIA based on how well they perceive your company to be doing, just like on the NYSE. You just floated your company! (with crypto)

  • SmartCoins (Pegged Assets): Are similar to UIA's (In that they require BTS is locked up for them to exist), but rather than having a free floating value their value is set by the Bitshares platform (specifically by witnesses via Price feeds). A witness is equivalent to a miner in Bitcoin and a Price feed is a value that each witness publishes to the Bitshares platform saying what how much a SmartCoin should be worth in BTS. This clever mechanism allows a SmartCoin to have a price pegged to a real-world instrument (for example the US DOLLAR, EURO or CHINESE YUAN), but valued in Bitshares (BTS). The SmartCoins are backed by BTS (so if BTS is worth nothing, then they'll be valueless), but - if you assume BTS is worth something - then by exchanging your BTS for a SmartCoin (E.g. BitUSD or BitCNY), you can effectively protect yourself from the huge volatility that surrounds BTS. It's no different to selling any BTC you own for USD (or EUR or CNY) on an exchange like Bitstamp or Bitfinex, except that Smartcoins are entirely decentralized (through the magic of the DEX), so not susceptible to the exchange disappearing with your money, forcing a loss on you because they were hacked or suddenly deciding to seize your assets because you don't meet their Anti Money Laundering / Identity requirements. All the benefits of a USD/EUR/CHY, but without the annoying drawbacks of centralization.

The Bitshares coin (BTS) is the oil that makes the Bitshares platform work. It acts both like the 'gold standard' that historically was used for backing fiat currencies allowing the creation of User Issued Assets's and SmartCoins, but it also acts like a share allowing those who own BTS to vote on what new developments should be worked on for the Bitshares platform or what settings should be changed (E.g. confirmation times, block sizes) etc. BTS can also be used and traded as a coin in the same was as people trade BTC/ETH/DASH etc.

That's just a simplified run-down of the best bits of Bitshares. It also has massive throughput potential (over 100,000 tps) and a number of other features, but probably most important of all; it exists here and now with all the features listed above, usable by anyone who wants to get involved.

You can download the wallet from or register at a web-wallet (use Account model if you want to log in from any device or computer) like or

thanks a lot

I heard about bitshares too & now i think i need to do some research to get profits lol


thanks for the information

i want to help you in any way
but i don't know how can start

I will try my best (time difference) to join this hangout. Applecrisp told me about this. Already downloaded mumble and set it up. I would like to participate as an audience for this hangout.

Every types of shares not suitable for me :O :P

I was in mumble while this initiative had announced the first time. Even fill some excel form but still don't get the whale token,
maybe my record had lost on.

We are working on the guestlist. It was having probs as it was new. Please join discord and mumble though ;)

Ok, tomorrow I will appear in mumble :)

I really appreciate the work your doing , I am very much inspired and impressed with your post. If you support me to grow up into this network it will be helpful for me as a beginner. If you resteem one of my post it will help me to grow in to Steemit network
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Your steemit account is very nice! Good luck for 😍

So happy to see you guys using Mumble. It's open source and encrypted communication and I think it's really unappreciated. A quick question, are BitShares comparable to AntShares (Now, NEO)? Or is it just similar names?

Thanks for sharing, I look forward for more! ^^

Bitshares is more like a financial platform than a smart contract platform. Neo is mostly a copy of ethereum. Scroll up and read up the comments there is a long and comprehensive explanation of what bitshares brings to the table .

Got it, thanks for the recommendation.

Great post, I think this is amazing information, keep on sharing :)

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Thanks, I will be attending tomorrow. Cannot way.

Thanks for the info. Will be checking this out

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So much to learn. I got some bitshares last week. Gotta Love those Larimer's.

this sounds super interesting whaleshares payout into your bitshares wallet is that what you are proposing if we join this forum?


That is great bitshare competition, i know somthing good is on the way. Rid on.upvoted

thank you for sharing

** Thank you so much for this information **

thanks for information

Topic for Today:

New format for hangouts will be discussed and explained before we get started. :)

thanks for information

I heard bitshares hangout offers free beers!

ZomboMeme 22062017221012.jpg
Don't get wasted! lol


so whats a bitshare? And no im not joking im new to any of this stuff?

I'd like to see Bitshares go up. It's been hovering around the 30 cent mark for a while now.

Awesome, Great tech i am going to give it a try...

Hi .. i see this very well ..
I am a newcomer, follow me and see my content :)

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