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Welcome to the first Hangout specifically for the BitShares blockchain community! Join every Friday @100pm(UTC)to join @Chris4210, @officialfuzzy and the BitShares community! In the future watch for great things from this old growth community!

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Sold all my Bitshares for STEEM. Now I know I should not sell everything. Still BTS is not what was supposed to be. Any news about MUSE?

What u mean bts is notwhat it was supposed to be?

About to drop my life savings into crypto. If I loose it all at least I know I had fun . I really hope steem takes off.

never invest more than you can afford to lose.

No one really wants to lose whether they can afford it or not. Life is all about risk. Those who expose themselves to risk will be the most likely to prevail.

i'm going to be honest here...really wish your name was "notfuckmylife" ....cause i'm lovin your life.

Exactly, i spent all my saving into crypto market and i do not regret at all. Huge gains over the past year and still growing. I encourage you to do the same as i did.


You could lost it all and it won't be fun!

Planing to kill myself if I do!!

Just be smart! If you are going all in, then make sure you research EVERY move you do! It would be a shame to hear than you lost it all buying ICO shares or investing in a useless coin. I wish you the best of luck!

Yeah right, even I believe this ICO thing is very skeptic. But some cryptos are really gone be high in coming times.

I bought Bitshares a few weeks ago for 8cent and i was thinking of selling them a few days ago but luckily i didnt


Bitshares price is increasing very second. Glad I bought them few days ago. knowledgable post man.. thank you

Maybe ill try bitshare.

Listening now, thanks for doing these. Good info provided here. Bitshares is the future for sure, help have uncensored content.

cool. Do need to catch up what's going on with bitshares.

@officialfuzzy Thanks for all the work... will listen now to the podcast

Hope You had a Great Weekend !!

Congratulations @officialfuzzy!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

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its actually not power...its super power!!!!

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in wiki article about BitShares. Thanks and good luck again!

I didn't think before that trading with BS could be the easiest thing

Hi Fuzzy. Sending you positive vibes!

This guy....

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great post @officialfuzzy! luckily bought bitshares back at 500k satoshis, enjoy the fruits of my patience ;) I hope you are too.

Thank you @officialfuzzy! Great content :)

@officialfuzzy Great, Thanks for the content

Bitshare is a future promising coin for sure. They have a strong backbone

Thank for sharing the hangout details.. will definitely join....

Best social media platform I have ever signed up for.

Thank you for the incredibly insightful information!

Good stuff. Too bad I sold all my BTS

Thanks Fuzzy

Nice podast


Thanks for this good content!

I guess there is no written version?

Amazing post buddy.
I have to followed you.
Lets visit my blog, help me to upgrade value.

Nice Post. Resteemed!!

@officialfuzzy great hangout! about half way through right now. Thanks for putting this together!

If you find sometime check out my blog and if it interests you, follow my work ? :)

Very good post @officialfuzzy!

Thanks Fuzzy!

Hey guys I just posted my first article if you have chance get you check it please it would appreciate that so much it'll be huge help to me and what I'm trying to do

what for you use mumble ?

that's great news...upvote and resteem for u

Información clara y concisa

Thanks for the very useful information

nice one, thank you!

Nice post, but that discord link is not working for me.

Yeh they run out of time....and sadly they give me only option is like 1 hour to 24 hours before it goes dead. Or i can choose forever...
But forever opens it up to ALOT of future abuse. But keep up with our posts and we will give u more! :)

Sure thing. Thanks for the reply.

Great post man +1

In Bitshares I see a lot more potential, but It wasted a lot of time with Dan leaving. Lately, new ideas are published and this is good.

Thanks for the video and hangout. I will see you in whaleshares! I am following upvoting and resteeming :)

Hello I'm new in steemit, I'm following you, so I read all the stuff I like, so I chose it. Unfortunately, my little voice is not worthy of you. I have tried to distract myself to see if I am getting a bit of a charm. Hmmm one shows $ 3.50 and one today has reached $ 9 maybe we need to understand our audience here. Look at them as consumers. What are they starving Maybe, I keep trying new corners.

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