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BITSHARES hangout, Tocanator (BSIP), CM Steem, Gridcoin, Virgrow, Whalesshares, ...

(This week I bring to you the raw recording in one single file and blog due to some restrictions on the time I use to cut and edit these ones)

What is the Beyond Bitcoin Radioshow and the Bitshares hangout?

Please, have a look at my explanation post:


Here is the last RSVP blog from Fuzzy, the moderator, gathering the guests for this week hangout.

Here is the last BitShares special hangout blog.

With that explained, I want to emphasise the fact that these recordings are raw versions for the impatients who missed the hangout and want the information asap. I recommend to everybody to wait until Monday and listened to the edited version on the official channel.

What's my role in it?

Your dear GlitterFart understands the frustration to be at work while the show is going on. Then, to add more frustration to it, you have to wait until Monday to have the edited version of the show posted on SounCloud.
It's normal that it takes time. Fuzzy and its team provide a professional editing of the soundtrack so you can enjoy it fully.

What if you can't wait and you are not afraid to listen to the raw recording? Well, that's when I appear on the scene!

After talking with Fuzzy, we reach the agreement that it would be cool that I record these raw recordings and upload them on the official SounCloud channel.
From now on, I'll do my best to provide you, every week, with the best recordings I can create on the fly.
I'll post an individual blog for each guest directly after he ends its presentation. You will also find in my blogs the SoundCloud track embedded so you can listen directly on your browser or phone without having to install the app.

I hope you'll enjoy the initiative. Please, consider voting these blogs if you find them useful.


If you find these recordings interesting and helpful, consider voting these blogs to incentivise me to keep spending the time to produce them.

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FOLLOWED. Nice radio show. I also want to keep learning about bitcoin and bitshares

I'm not prepared for the 4 hours talk, but that voice won't let me quit.


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I cannot get off my blog as much anymore, I am sorry my friend. I have just started saying that to people this last week, which I hate to do.

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I think you are great LOL!

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great to get a conversation going - actual investors and traders should be weary of noise and hype.

Darnnn, I wish I knew all this crypto lingo!
I just post nice things from the heart and hope for the best lol
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