Waiting to Pounce 🐆

in beyondbitcoin •  2 years ago 

Anyone else trading LiteCoin on CoinBase
I am waiting for the perfect time to sell my few chips haha

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i am not trading litecoin, but i am curious about your opinion of it. can you share with me more information?

Yes sir I am also lit for 420 so consider follow back I see it as a great coin network for super fast transactions. But I still have all my chips on ethereum for the long run because I can see them taking over the majority of market share in the coming year(s)

ethereum is lord coin. its multi use tool kit is like the swiss army knife of crypto. The ideas and options are endless, and there for invaluable.

i made some money on lite coin about 3 weeks ago, and did some research to get a general understanding of what it is. but im not sold. other then being more convenient what else does it have going for it, or is that enough?

Just made 20$ profit off of three coins so im definitely gonna buy low again

20!? 3 coins at 43. so a 20% profit?! mannn good trade!

Bought for 111.08 sold for 130.35 CB charges an arm and a leg

CB will be a distant memory by the end of the year. unfortunately, after that bill was passed its going to be consistently more difficult. They passed a law through sheep, not enough people know what crypto is, how was it going to be stopped lol!!

Can you send a link what do you mean I never heard abt the law.

Can you tell me please how how and where should I trade

Trading litecoin? How about HOLDING Litecoin....heh.. It's looking to continue to move upwardly :)