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Recently, I looked through Coins that have a big potential for short term return. One of the few I found was Lunyr. A simplified explanation of Lunyr is a Decentralized wikepida with ads, and those who post get rewarded with Lunyr tokens.

The reason I chose to gamble on it was two fold, one is it's low market cap of ~11 million. It may not have long term vitality, but I can see it being used as a pump and dump and jumping to 300 million. The second reason I chose it was because it was a new ethereum token and has wide potential growth.

BE WARNED: I'm not a financial adviser and I feel like this is basically a gamble. Let me know what you think below.

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Good pick. Lunyr is also on my list of potentially good projects to invest. But check the timeline. It will take beyond 2018 until something major is happening there. So, no, likely not short term gain, but a decent long term investment.
In the similar category I see VOX. As this is pure gambling I bought 1,650 VOX for 0.04 BTC few days ago. So far 20% gain, but as this is long term, short developments doesn't really count. Now I made some nice profit with BTS, so I can invest small amounts in more coins. I don't like the 100% price increase of Lunyr the last few days, so will wait for it to drop a bit again. It probably will... most likely... maybe, because of the long time it still needs for development.

Please, look at wagerr still in ico round 15 you still have time! Watch the video, looks amazing!!!!!!!!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I invested in Lunyr few days ago. This project has enormous potential somewhat similar to steemit. Of course market cap is ridiculously low. On bittrex you can actually see accumulation.

It may explode anytime.

thanks for the info! I upvoted you I had no idea this one existed!

Thanks for sharing! Is this new token on poloniex?

thanks for sharing

as usual best is to never place all of you eggs in one basket; if have some money to throw around, diversify and place 5% to tops 10% in risky trades ....

i like these odds lol

Crypto cures gambling addictions. Who would gamble when crypto pays better than jackpots at casinos? Buy a thousand dollars of bitcoin in 2010 and own the casino today.

I thought for sure you wanted the bitcoin casino

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ranked #128 with $11,423,570 market cap. I like that's its not mine-able, limited.