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RE: Gridcoin Hangout #001 (RSVP & Suggest topics)

in #beyondbitcoin5 years ago

Fridays Beyond Bitcoin Mumble time always works, that is 10 am in the US and around 4pm in Germany. Would love to have that at a different day.


We have community members from all around the world, picking a perfect time is quite difficult.

Perhaps scheduling two calls in the one day to accommodate all time zones would be beneficial?

A good idea if we can get a critical mass for each call. Weekends are better, I have a day job working for The Man

For those interested in the next friday beyond bitcoin mumble:

Worth tuning in to gain insight into other crypto communities, for inspiration and to check that your mumble configs are correct before the sat gridcoin hangout :)

thanks for the plug cm! please remind everyone tomorrow at the hangout about your hangout and it would be awesome if you would give updates

about what is going on in gridcoin's community (kind of a short recap) of your this hangout at the next hangout.


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