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Looking good! Look forward to more information on exactly what's happening here :)

Great work, a wordpress plugin for integrating your steem posts would be nice :)
Could you please edit your post to describe the project in more detail? Id like to support this but theres very little information besides screenshots.

Apologies if this info is in your past posts, if so you should link them here too :)

In the last example image there's the opportunity to use the first article image as a cover photo in addition to the thumbnail as you have while also removing it from the article whenever within the first X characters from the top.

looks good - same comment as below - please provide details of how this would work when you can

Love how it has the intro with a Read More link! Keeps it clean and professional. Perhaps you guys can work with the SteemIt guys so that content creators know where the "breakpoint" will be. That way we can maximize our effectiveness to make people want to click Read More and will make sure it doesn't cut off in a weird place.


Are you learning to code?

You should....


I can only half-ass code; hack stuff together.


That's where everyone starts. Get ahold of me on google hangouts lets' discuss what you'd like to be able to do and how to get there from where you are now :).

This is a fantastic idea! It would be great to be able to set up a WordPress blog to showcase all of my SteemIt posts! Awesome idea!

Very interested in seeing more! Would love to see if this type of integration could be made to play nice with the major webcomic system plugins.

What is this going to be, a magazine? I thought for a minute it was a WordPress plugin that accepts STEEM/SBD for payment. I'm looking for that, anyone heard if that exists ?


I'm sure that @baabeetaa will have something up that alley before long. Methinks he is a data wizard.


That would be awesome. I looked on WordPress and the only plugin they have for Steemit is a feed plugin. One that accepts STEEM/SBD would be the bomb.

Nice thanks friend


wow! looks good.

Nice work @baabeetaa,@officialfuzzy and @faddat !! this is the sort of changes which empower this platforms users and enable them to spread their word effectively for community members to see !! upvoted !!

This is Awesomeness,
100% Awesomeness!

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My guess is steem posts inside wordpress theme. Will see Iif I am right :)

Perhaps comments are covered too...