RE: Breaking: @Officialfuzzy and @jamesc open up BitChute + Steem Partnership Connection! Will the Community Rise to the Occasion?

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Breaking: @Officialfuzzy and @jamesc open up BitChute + Steem Partnership Connection! Will the Community Rise to the Occasion?

in beyondbitcoin •  2 years ago  (edited)

Firt of all THANK you for your work on this amazing platform! Second of all , dont worry about my attitude, dont take my snappy remakrs personaly! Its ok I am a spoiled brat! Dont take my comments personally! I just feel a need to speak my mind as I know I can speak for many others thinking the same way! I dont fee like i am entitled to any money from this platform! I didnt do any of the work i just wrote my thoughts out into a steemit article and obviously I wasnt the only one with that idea!
I just wanted the opportunity to start a bitchute account as it seemed to be a closed system but now i know it was because it was a soft launch but I still am part of this generation that wants instant gratification!
! Will Bitchute eventually allow anyone to singup as easily as youtube? I just want people to use bitchute and torrent hosting instead of youtube to completely take youtube out of the equation! I VERY MUCH apreciate your work here and upvote ALL your posts! AgainI apologize for my spoiled entitled attitude! I just have so much passion for this platform the blockchain and the idea of monetizing memes! I just had no idea ow CLOSE my dreams were of using crypto crrency steemit style system top reward content creators WITHOUt any ads! But i would have no problem with a little bit of ads like how reddit has! We wont need ads for a while but the ability to pay to promote your stoory beyond the promotion @null wll be revolutionary!

Also i already got $1 from my comment above lol thats wall i meant about wanting a cut lol and i got it!

So now I would love to help ALL the youtube creatorss BANNED from Keemstar to Filthy Frank who got either banned or had monetization cut off...or h3h3 ethan and hula klein who have youtube threaten to demonetize them over and over...If we got h3h3 and their over six million subscribers to migrateto youtube we would add more users to steemit than we curently have (171,000 users as of today!)

Again THANK you for yoru work and I tried upvoting all your posts but you seem to only have resteemed others posts so Ill just upvtethose and upvote your comments! i will try and show as many youtuers BitChute whemever you say its ready!

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Hey @ackza

I wouldn't have wanted anything else, you saw a problem, spoke out and gave us a chance to reply.

That's how things should be dealt with, not swept under the carpet. Decentralization along with the transparency and accountability it brings are the keys to solving a lot of problems.

My attitude towards ads is to let the content creator decide, they know their audience and they know their expenses, and if that's what suits them then have at it. When in doubt, I really like the opt-in approach.

Hell yeah, we're going to open it up to everyone! The bottleneck right now is development and resources, we're working on those. In fact we're going to open it more than YouTube, federation baby :-)

You're right, we need to get blogging/vlogging!

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